Here is Our Writing

Priscilla's Story

One sunny day I went  to the river. I got car sick, but it was very worth  it. When I got there ....I had to go to the bathroom. I had to go to a port-a-potty. It was little scary. My grandma brought shampoo. My cousin wrote a song. It was called "ICE CREAM". I have to go now.  

by Priscilla P. bye bye. Read my next story soon.

Now read Odelia's:

Odelia's Story

Today I'm writing about a mysterious castle. My castle is pink, red, shiny, sparkly and tall. It has a picture of a princess on the side of the brick. She had a pink dress on and an expensive diamond, golden crown. Also, she became a brave, strong queen by passing her difficult Queen test. She lived happily ever after until a huge, bad genie moved into the next castle. Oh, no! She got 3 wishes from him. First, she wished for a palace on the clouds. Her wish came true. Next she wished for a handsome prince. His name was Ralph. He fell in love with princess. Her name was Jazmin. She liked him, too! The third was was NOTHING! She kissed the prince and he turned into a frog! The bad genie had lied to her. Then she said, "I wish the prince was a human being" and they lived happily ever after and never saw that bad genie ever again. The End By Odelia

How about Kyren's cool castle story?

A Queen and King lived in a castle. They ruled the kingdom. The castle, well, it is GIANT! It is cool. It has a moat around it. The castle has a drawbridge, too. The castle is haunted. Ghosts live in there. Vampires live in the castle. Monsters guard the castle so no one will ever go inside. BEWAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. By Kyren 

Here is Damian's good story

Castles are cool. And I wish to be in one. Why? They are big and wonderful. Also, my mom wishes to be in one too. By Damian Dragons Room 14. We rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

AND HERE'S.....................Trequan's story

There was a black Knight who cared about a girl.He had on shiny armor, and he rode a black horse. He wanted to save her from the black hole. The knight was SCARED of the black hole. But.....he saved the girl and they lived happily ever after. By Trequan

Here is Jacqueline's great story:

Once there was a castle with two prisoners that were dragons! It was a dragon brother and a dragon sister. They had been thrown into the dungeon. Their mother was going to be mad! Their mother was flying to get them out. The men were trying to stop the dragons. When the war stopped, the king decided to give back the dragons. Their mom was happy that she got her dragon kids back. And they lived happily back in their cave. By Jacqueline Room 14 Angel's  story

One day Dr.Bauer bought evil donuts. The donuts conquered Earth. The donuts wanted to live on Earth.They asked the army for a war.The donuts got in a war with the army. The donuts won the war. They told the people to leave. The ambulance came.They took the people to the hospital. A great giant named god was hungry. He reached down and got a donut. Then everyone understand that god was a donut eater. God ate everyone in donut town. The king and queen ran. Then he ate the king and queen. The end.