Our Spelling Words

October 26 Spelling Words

Using the Word Study Steps
1. LOOK at the word.
2. SAY the word aloud.
3. STUDY the letters in the word.
4. WRITE the word.
5. CHECK the word.

Did you spell the word right?
If not, go back to step 1.
X the Words
Put an X on the words with the long i sound.
 dry dip pick lie rip
 sit sight mit try mind
 wild tip high clip tie
 hill cry light tilt will

Spelling Words
light high
sight wild
mind dry
cry try

tie lie




November 16-20 Vocabulary

accident, attention, buddy, enormous, obeys, tips

Spelling Words: mule, June, bugle, music, fuse, duke, use, tune, flute, dune, pony, leaf, above, color, song, above, color, song


Reading Skill: Cause leads to an Effect