Borman Writing Contest



Well, we had a total of 95 creative castle stories in our first Borman
Writing Contest.....Each author received an awesome certificate and
pencil. Keep up the great writing because at Borman, everyone writes!

Here were our special writing awards: Kiss


Top Classroom Full of Writers: Ms. Bauslaugh's grade 3 writers. Prize:
popsicles for your room! Next Top Classroom of Writers: Ms. Barkley's 1st grade authors. Prize:
popsicles for your class....
Foot in mouth

And now for the top castle stories in the First Borman Writing Contest for October/November: The following authors/illustrators are invited to doughnuts and juice with the principals on Friday, Dec. 4, 2009 at 8-8:30.

First Grade Winners for creative stories (8): Emily in Ms. Quinones; Angel
in Ms. Goodwin's;Kimberly, Miguel and Destiny in Ms. Blonkenfeld's; Brisa, Celia and Daniela in Ms.
Barkley's. Way to Write!

2nd Grade Winning stories (4): Victoria in Ms. Hanks; Carlos in Ms.Smith's; Odelia and Lizbeth in Dr. Bauer's. Keep it up!

Grade 3 winning stories (8): Janet and Anthony in Ms. Beckman's; Jonathon McTier and Vanessa M. in Ms. Bauslaugh's; Viviana/Rocio/Jade for a great Team story; and Rafael in Ms. Villegas' class.

Grade 4 winning stories (2): Lissette in Mr. Moss'; Dalia in Ms. Clemente's. Wow. Great work. Keep it up.

Grade 7 winning story (1): Maria C. in Mr. Town's. Nice work, young authors.
Tongue out

Also winning the Top illustrations (8) : Litzi M. in Ms. Bauslaugh's; Viviano/Rocio/Jade in Mr. Dinan's; Vanessa Zapata in Ms. Goodwin's; Alejandro in Ms. Barkley's; Luis in Ms. Quinones; Miguel in Ms. Blonkenfeld's. Great artwork!

Well, we will see those students on Friday morning for our Author's

Our next writing contest starts today: Have you ever had something real happen to you? A great camping or fishing trip? An injury, new bike, happy Christmas memory? Well, just write it down and really describe it with a great setting, lots of feelings, humor or sadness. Just write a personal narrative with a beginning, middle and end and you could win next month's prize. Entries are due in the mailbox before Christmas break. Let's get writing.