Room Parent's Corner

Room Parent's Corner

Dear Parents,

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as the room parent for Ms. Lopez 2nd Grade class.

Specifically, I will help the teacher out with odds and ends and keep you informed about special activities such as class parties, teacher recognitions, etc. I will also be the one collecting money for any special events. Fortunately, you can be directly involved in many aspects of this year’s activities.

In addition, some of you have responded to similar forms for the PTA, however, I would appreciate it if you complete this one too. There are many ways to contribute your time and talent. We ask that you indicate below what areas interest you. You will be contacted throughout the year based on your response. One hundred percent involvement will make it an extraordinary year for our children!!!

If you ever need me, here is my contact information:

Name : Nessie Yara

Email address: 


 Thanks for visiting Ms. Lopez' 2nd grade webpage for parents!

If you are interested in becoming a room parent for your child's classroom or assist in classroom activities feel free to email me at

It will be necessary for us to communicate with one another throughout the course of the school year.  Please fill out the parent contact information form and return to your child’s teacher?  Together, we can support our child’s teacher and make class activities productive for all the children.


Thank you for your time.


Nessie Yara

Ms. Lopez' 2nd Grade Room Parent