ESS Activity Calendar and Homework

*Please refer to this page regularly as there may be changes due to unforseen circumstances.*

Unit 1: Introduction to Earth/Space Science

All homework assignments are due the next day unless otherwise noted.

Week 1: August 13-17

Monday (August 13):

  • Seating
  • Who am I?
  • Distribute:
    • papers
    • texts
    • (other stuff for 1st class)
  • Go over Expectations and syllabus with ppt
  • Homework: Website worksheet & personal information sheet
  • Preview website:
  • Classroom features: recycling, pencil sharpeners, rulers, bathroom


Tuesday (August 14):

  • Knowledge Check: Dr. Bell's website information and random questions
  • Lecture: Topics covered this year and structure of class
  • Group Activity: Kahoot! introduction
  • Individual work: notes on homework pages, learn about two-column notes (TCN)
  • Homework: Read pages (6-9), take notes.


Wednesday (August 15):

  • Knowledge Check: On previous nights assigned reading
  • Lecture: Section 1: Earth Science
  • Group Activity: Jig-saw
  • Individual work:  TCN
  • Homework: Read pages (10-16), take notes


Thursday (August 16):

  • Knowledge Check: On previous nights assigned reading
  • Lecture: Section 2: Methods of Scientists
  • Group Activity:
  • Individual work: (TCN)
  • Homework: Read pages (17-19), take notes


Friday (August 17):

  • Knowledge Check: On previous nights assigned reading
  • Lecture: Section 3
  • Demonstration and Experiment: Pendulum
  • Homework: No Homework!!! :D




Week 2: August 20-24

Monday (August 20):

-Exploding Bubbles demonstration


-SI worksheet

-use textbook as reference


Tuesday (August 21):

Dimensional analysis worksheet

-Use textbook as reference


Wednesday (August 22):

Review Dimensional Analysis worksheet


Thursday (August 23):

Measuring Distance Lab

 Hmwk: Access textbook on connectEd


Friday (August 24):

Measuring Volume Lab

Hmwk: None!



Week 3: August 27-31

Monday (August 27):

Mass Lab

 Hmwk: finish lab if not in class


Tuesday (August 28):

Volume Lab

 Hmwk: finish Lab if not in class


Wednesday (August 29):

Review Kahoot!

 Hmwk: Study for test 


Thursday (August 30):

Unit 1 Test

 Hmwk: None!


Friday (August 31):

Bill Nye the Science Guy videos: 1. Do it yourself 2. Atoms and Matter

Hmwk: Read chapter 3: Section 1: Matter


Unit 2: Matter and Energy


Week 4: September 3-7

Monday (September 3):

No school (Labor Day)


Tuesday (September 4):

How to make a Sandwich: Scientific method and Demo

 Hmwk: Read Chapter 3: Section 2 


Wednesday (September 5):

Demonstrate peanut butter and jelly procedures

Finish Lecture Chapter 3 Section 1 Matter

Hmwk: Access Textbook online worksheet


Thursday (September 6):

Knowledge Check

Unit 1 Test Review

Kahoot!: Atoms

Hmwk: Read chapter 3: Section 3


Friday (September 7):

Atom worksheet (Use textbook as resource)

Atom worksheet #2



Week 5: September 10-14

Monday (September 10):


pH scale worksheet


Tuesday (September 11):

Lecture: Chapter 3 Section 3: States of matter

Hmwk: K.C. tomorrow


Wednesday (September 12):

Atom Lab: Build an atom

Hmwk: Finish atom lab


Thursday (September 13):

Density Lab

Hmwk: Finish Density Lab


Friday (September 14):

Extended period 3: Show video from Principal

Lecture: Chapter 3 Section 3: Energy

Kahoot!: States of Matter (if time)



Week 6: September 17-21

Monday (September 17):

Thermite Demonstration: Chemical reaction (exothermic)

Hydrological cycle PPT


Tuesday (September 18):

Hydrological cycle PPT (continued)

Crossword vocab review

 Hmwk: Finish crossword


Wednesday (September 19):

Matter and Change worksheet (Use Textbook)

 Hmwk: Finish Matter and Change worksheet


Thursday (September 20):

Kahoot!: Chapter 3 Review: Matter and Energy

 Hmwk: Review with Kahoot!: Chapter 3 Review, crossword, and reading chapter 3


Friday (September 21):

Unit 2 Test: (Chapter 3) Matter and Energy



Unit 3: Earth Motions and the Moon


Week 7: September 24-28

Monday (September 24):

The Power's of Ten video: Powers of Ten™ (1977)

Pale Blue dot

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot

Lecture: Earth Motions: PPT 1

Test Make-ups leave room and take test (or come in during lunch)


Tuesday (September 25):

Cloud Chamber demonstration

Review Chapter3 test

Hand out notes

Earth Motions PPT 1

Hmwk: Read Pages 775-778


Wednesday (September 26):

K.C. #7

Earth Motions PPT 2

Hmwk: Read Pages 388-391


Thursday (September 27):

Earth Motions PPT 2

Earth Motions Essays 1-3

Hmwk: Essays 1-3


Friday (September 28):

K.C. #8

Earth Motions Notes

Lab: Shadow Distances

Earth Motions Crossword

Hmwk: Finish Earth Motions Crossword/Shadow lab before Friday next week.


Week 8: October 1-5

Monday (October 1):

The Moon: Crash Course Astronomy #12

Hand out notes

The Moon PPT 1&2: Lunar Phases and Eclipses

Hmwk: Read pages 778-780


Tuesday (October 2):

K.C. #9 (pages 778-780) lunar phases

The Moon PPT 2&3: Tides & Lunar surface

Hmwk: Read pages 781-784


Wednesday (October 3):

K.C. #10 (pages 781-784) Eclipses & Tides

The Moon PPT 3: Lunar Origins and formation models

Videos: Crash Course Astronomy: Moon Phases

Crash Course Astronomy: Eclipses

Crash Course Astronomy: Tides

Hmwk: Read pages 770-774


Thursday (October 4):

K.C. #11 (pages 770-774) Lunar Surface

The Sun-Earth-Moon System Worksheets

Hmwk: Finish worksheets, get ready for notebook/binder checks tomorrow


Friday (October 5):

Enroll for Dr. Bell's Blackboard course.

Binder/notebook Check

Lost on Moon Lab / Lunar Phases pin wheel



Week 9: October 8-12

Monday (October 8):

Pin Wheel - Lunar phases Demonstration

Kahoot! Chapter 27 Quiz Review: Earth Motions and The Moon Review


Tuesday (October 9):

Chapter 27: Earth Motions and The Moon Quiz



Unit 4: Solar System


Wednesday (October 10):

Review the Quiz

Crash Course Astronomy: The Solar System

Hand out Solar System notes

Lecture: Solar System PPT

Hmwk: Read -------


Thursday (October 11):

K.C. #12

Lecture: Solar System PPT

Hmwk: Read -----


Friday (October 12):

Lecture: Solar System PPT