7th Grade Math

On this page you will find helpful information about 7th grade Math. This year we will build on the concepts that were learned in 6th grade. 

A great resource for all chapters that we will cover this year is khanacadamy.com.  This website includes instructional videos as well as practice problems.

Students will also receive weekly IXL homework. Our school ixl sight is ixl.com/signin/mqp.

It is imperative that all students have mastered their basic Math facts, they will not achieve success in Math if this is not the case. Please review math facts regularly.


Chapter 1 - Ratios and Proportional Reasoning


Essential Question - How can you show that two objects are proportional?



complex fraction                                  direct variation                         quadrants                         y-axis

constant of proportionality                equivalent ratios                       rate                                   x-coordinate

constant rate of change                      nonproportional                       rate of change                 y-coordinate

constant of variation                           proportion                                  slope                         

coordinate plane                                  proportional                              unit rate 

cross products                                      ordered pair                              unit ratio

dimensional analysis                           origin                                           x-axis


Chapter Lessons

Lesson 1 - Rates

Lesson 2 - Complex fractions and unit rates

Lesson 3 - Convert Unit rates

Lesson 4 - Proportional and nonproportional relationships

Lesson 5- Graph proportional relationships

Lesson 6 - Solve proportional relationships

Lesson 7 - Constant rate of change

Lesson 8 - Slope