8th Grade Math

On this page you will find helpful information about 8th grade Math. This year we will build on the concepts that were taught in 7th grade Math.


Chapter 3 Concentrates on solving equations in two variables. The main question that students should be able to answer by the end of the chapter is "Why are graphs helpful?"

A very helpful website for every chapter we will cover this year is http://khanacademy.com. This website contains instructional videos as well as practice problems. This is a free website available to all. 

This is the hardest chapter of the entire year. There are multiple formulas that students will need to learn and remember from lesson to lesson, especially by the end of the chapter. 

Chapter 3 vocabulary can be found on page 168 in the textbook. 


Lesson 1 - Constant rate of change. This is a review lesson on a  concept first learned in 6th grade, then again in 7th grade.

Lesson 2 - Slope. This lesson focuses on the ways of finding slope. Rise    ​Change in y,     y2 - y1

                                                                                                                                                                    run .      change in x      x2 - x1

 Lesson 3 - Equations in y = mx + b form. Students will learn how to graph equations using the slope (mx) and y-intercept (b).

Lesson 4 - Slope-intercept form. Identifying the slope and y-intercept in an equation. Also how to write an equation in this form.

Lesson 5 - Graph a line using intercepts. This lesson introduces the standard form equation, which is Ax + By = C and how to graph

                   a line by solving for both the x and y-intercepts by replacing x with 0 to solve for y and vice versa to solve for x. 

Lesson 6 - Write linear equations. The point-slope formula is introduced. y-y1 = m(x-x1). By the end of the lesson students will be 

                   able to write linear equations using coordinates and a slope or just using coordinates to find a slope first. 

Lesson 7 - Solve systems of equations by graphing. Students will be able to graph two equations on the same graph to figure out 

                   where the two lines intersect.

Lesson 8 - Solve systems of equations algebraically. Students will be able to figure out the point where two lines intersect without

                   having to graph them both.