Book Report Information

Book Report Guidelines

8th Grade



Non-Fiction Book Report



         For the fourth quarter you will be required to read a non-fiction book from the attached list for your book report. Only one person will be permitted to read any given title from the list. You must choose one book from only the given list. After reading the book you will be required to complete a power point presentation about your book. The guidelines for the book report are attached and can also be found on my website at under the Book Report tab.

         You should have a book selected no later than Friday, March 29th. The power point presentation will be due NO LATER THAN Monday, May 20, 2019.

         This is a long-term assignment so any report that is turned in late will have 20% deducted each day that it is late. You need to make sure that you use all of your own words for your book report. Any reports that are copy/pasted will automatically receive a failing grade.



Non - Fiction Book Report

Power Point Presentation





Slide 1- Title of Book, Author of book, your name


Slide 2 - Why I chose this book

            Write a paragraph explaining why you chose this book and what you hoped to learn          from the reading.


Slide 3 - Did the book live up to your expectations?

            What did you want to find out when you chose this book? Did you find out what

            you wanted? Why or why not?


Slides 4  & 5 - New words I learned

            List and define at least 10 new words that you learned by reading this book


 Slide 6 – Summary

            Write a summary of what the book was about.


Slides 7 & 8 - What did I learn?

            List ten facts you learned from this book. These should be things you did not know          previously


Slide 9 - What did I learn?

            Write a paragraph about what you learned about the topic of the book.


Slide 10 - What I still want to know

      Explain at least 3 things you still want to learn about the topic of the book


Slide 11 -How will you use the information you learned?

      Write a paragraph explaining how you will use the information in the book


Slide 12 - Thoughts about the book

            Did this book change how you thought about this subject? If so how? Why? If not,           why? Be specific


Slide 13 – Star Rating *****

            Explain why you gave the book this rating. Be specific.

            Would other students like this book? Which ones?

            Are there other books in this series?

            Would you read any of them? Why or why not?