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Video Tutorials



Great math video online tutor:  Math Antics


Equations Geometry  


The History of pi (video)

What is pi (video)

Precision on the number line....

Practice with the Distributive Property

Distributive property with combining like terms video

Pythagorean Theorem (excellent)

Adding Integers - Learnzillion video

supplementary, complementary, adjacent, etc.
1  angles


find missing variables
2  angle relationship


3  surface area of a rectangular prism (box)


4  volume of a cylinder


Video for honors math
5  surface area of a cylinder


Learnzillion video:
6  Distributing a negative


Learnzillion video:
7  Solve equations with the distributive property


Preparation for honors math equations quiz:
8  Solving multistep equations with fractions


9  Negative numbers introduction


How to add integers using the number line method and the counting 

signs method
10  Adding integers


How to subtract with positive and negative numbers
11  Subtracting integers


youtube video by Boling

12  adding and subtracting integers review


How to multiply and divide with negative numbers
13  Multiplying and Dividing Integers (youtube video)


Review for Test in honors class (Oct 3, 2011)
14  Simplifying Algebraic Expressions


Why a positive x a negative equals a negative

Show me app
15  multiplying integers 


Why a negative x a negative equals a positive

show me app
16  multiplying negative numbers 


How to use the distributive property to make mental math 

multiplication easier

17  Distributive property


Practice solving 2-step equations
18  Solving 2-step equations (by Professor Burger)


19  solving inequalities (including negatives)


Manipulating formulas:
20  Solving literal equations


21  solving equations with variables on both sides


"special" equations with variables on both sides
22  equations with no solution or infinitely many solutions


more help with solving literal equations
23  solving formulas


Learn about the 4 types of slopes
24  Slope Dude


25  Scatter Plots


26  How to use calculator TI-34 multiview with scientific notation calculations


27  How to use calculator TI-30X IIS with scientific notation calculations


28  How to use calculator TI-30XA with scientific notation calculations


order of operations video lesson
29  order of operations 


Review how to convert percents to fractions and decimals
30  fractions, decimals and percents


how to solve equations involving percents
31  solving percent equations


how to solve percent problems using proportions
32  solving percent proportions


finding the % increase or decrease
33  Percent of change


How to solve for a missing variable
34  solving proportions


how to graph a line using the slope intercept form of an equation
35  graphing linear equations y=mx+b


constant linear functions
36  graphing rates by setting up a table


finding total number of possible combinations
37  combinations video #1


another type of example of finding total combinations
38  combinations video #2


points, lines, planes, etc
39  intro to basic geometry terms


lesson 3-1 honors gr7 math
40  integer exponents video 1


41  subtracting mixed numbers using improper fractions


42  subtract fractions and mixed numbers by decomposing


lesson 3-1 honors gr7 math
43  integer exponents with order of ops


Choose chapter 7 from the drop down chapter menu.
Click on the Videos and Activities tab
Click on Lesson 7-1 example 1

44  Combining Like terms


The 2 methods to solving proportions
45  review solving proportions


Where does the circle area come from?
46  area of a circle


Video for math 7
47  Surface area of a cylinder


When do you need to do it? And why?
48  flipping the inequality symbol?


A review rap of using y=mx+b
49  Graphing lines video


telling a story through a graph
50  interpreting graphs


Finding "k"
51  constant of proportionality


Is the relation a function?
52  relations and functions


Is the graph a function?
(It's slope dude!!)
53  vertical line test


Can you find a constant of proportionality?
54  proportions in tables and graphs


Ma and Pa Kettle 25%
55  math lab video 1


7 into 28
56  math lab video #2


multiplying - hands as calculators
57   math lab video #3


How to determine and solve
58  congruent and similar triangles


Finding and using scale factors in scale drawings
59  scale factor


Slide show
60  scale factor tutorial


video on how to take parts of a number
61  finding the % of a number


using the tape diagram method
62  solving proportions


great visual video
63  surface area


How volume formula is based on area formula (visual added)
64  volume derivation


tables graphs equations
65  constant of proportionality


How are proportionality and slope calculated differently?
66  constant of proportionality versus rate of change


how to calculate and which units to use
67  perimeter, volume and area


How to draw a net and calculate SA
68   nets for 3d shapes


How to draw 3d nets

Net illustrations

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