Ms. Brown's Place

Welcome First Grade!



Greetings Parent(s)/Guardian(s):


I, Ms. Brown, would like to welcome you and your child to an exciting, fun, and with your help, a productive school year. I hope you had a fun and relaxing summer.  I am excited to be teaching 1st grade this year. I will be teaching all subjects: math, language arts, reading, social studies, and science. I graduated from Wayne State University  with my Bachelor’s in Education with a certification to teach all subjects grades kindergarten through fifth. I did my student teaching at Paul Robeson Academy in Detroit teaching first graders. I have experience teaching fourth, fifth and sixth grades, also. I am joining the teaching of American International Academy this year. I am so excited to be working with first grade again!

      First and foremost I believe that behavior has an impact on how a student learns. I would like to create a community of learners that learn in a safe and orderly environment. I will be working with the students the first week of school to create rules, routines, and policies that the students must follow in the classroom to make their days at school flow smoothly.

I also believe families are a very important part of our program. There are many things you can do to help enrich your child's education. These include volunteering, supporting your child, donating time or resources, helping your child arrive on time and complete homework, and so much more! Although we all lead busy lives, your family can still be a wonderful part of the education process. I am looking forward to meeting and working with you.