Following is a short description of how the different subject areas will be taught.


The district adopted program is Harcourt Brace.  I use this program in conjunction with other styles of teaching reading skills to my students.  I realize that all of my students will be at different levels when it comes to reading.  I plan on doing guided reading activities with your child to help foster his/her imagination and build on any skills they come in with.  Please remember that reading is developmental.  Some students will be ready to read, others won’t.  Please don’t be concerned if your child isn’t reading fluently by the end of the year.  Kindergarten is meant to introduce students to the concept of print and give them a better understanding of what this print actually means.  It is very important that you spend at least 15 minutes a day reading with your child.

We have a collection of “take-home” books.  These books will come home with your child.  Please go over any books that are sent home.  The black and white copies can stay at home.  I ask that every child creates a “book case” out of a shoe box so that they have a place to put their books.  It is important that students revisit books often and practice reading familiar print


Writing is strongly emphasized in my classroom.  Your child will jumpstart their journal writing from day one.  They will begin by drawing pictures to express their thoughts, and eventually get into sentence writing.  This is a fantastic way for your child to communicate their thoughts on paper.  Once each journal is complete they will be sent home.  Please go over these with your child and praise them on their work.

As the year progresses we will  begin working on sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and proper spacing.


Deer Valley has adopted the envision Math program this year.   This program addresses the Arizona State Standards and includes hands on lessons as well as paper/pencil math. I will be using this in conjunction with several other teaching methods.   Each week I will inform you what skills are being addressed so that you may help reinforce these skills at home.

Social Studies / Science

Social Studies and Science will be incorporated with the reading curriculum.


Children are very creative and will attempt to write the letters any way they can.  This is a great way to start, however, it is important that they learn the correct way to write the various letters of the alphabet.  We write letters starting from the top. Please practice at home with pudding, shaving cream, or anything that you can think of to help reinforce this skill.