Language Arts

1.Third grade language arts skills


2.Wacky Web Tales








6.Context Clues




8. Assorted skills and games


9. English and Language Support


10. Verb Power


11.Great Reading Websites


12. Skills practice


13. Analogies practice game


14. Grammar review


15. Assorted practice games for Reading/Language Arts.  (Use any 
name for 
state and school: password is Farr)


16. Compound Words


17. Reading comprehension practice


18. Fun games in all areas of learning


19. Learning games and activities


20. Be read to or read independently


21.Multiple Meaning Words


22.How to use a dictionary


23.Reading practice


24. Punctuation/grammar practice


25. Poetry as we see it


26. Analogy practice


27.Syllabication practice


28.Listen to Trapped by the Ice!


29. End of year review activities


30. charlotte's web interactive site


31. Charlotte's Web Millionaire Game


#32 Great vocabulary building site!!!


#33 Assorted language arts practice sites


#34 Plurals


#35 Word sort


#36 Construct a word


#37 Charlotte's Web Interactive games


#38 Charlotte's Web Movie activities


#39  Main idea activty 1


#40  Main idea activity 2


#41 main idea activity #3


#42 main idea activity #4


#43 main idea activity #5


#44 main idea activity #6


#45 Text Features


#46 Syllables


#47 more syllables


#48 Spelling with vowels


#49 Contractions games


A#50 Contractions








Assorted language arts skills


Main Idea




root words


Assorted language arts


Cause and effect... Rewrite the sentences


Cause and effect... Flippy


Cause and effect


#62 Possessive noun activities


#63 Possessive noun game


#64 prefixes interactive game


#65 Prefix interactive game


Assorted Compare and Contrast activities


#67 Dictionary guide words game


68  poetry splat


69 poetry games


70 Wonderful assorted sites


Funbrain games


72 reading comprehension skills


73. Millionare Game for Inferring


74. Millionaire Game for Point of View


75 Inference Riddles


76: Point of View millionaire game


77: Fish Tank: Prefix and suffix game


78: Prefix activities


79: Suffix activities


80: Online stories read aloud