6th grade Project Ideas, Book-in-a-Bag, & Bloom Ball Guidelines:






Alternative Assessments for nine-week book projects

Book reports should be as varied and fun as the books you are reading. Instead of the same old written book report, why not select 1 of these for EACH book you read at home?  Guidelines for Project: (1) Must be typed and double spaced (2) size 12 font/ Arial or Times New Roman (3) All drawings must be colored. (4) Books must be chosen from the book list provided in class (5) Include a cover page (6) Must complete 1 activity per book and (7) Be creative and have fun.  =)


Here are some some examples.

            Pretend you are a character in the book and write a diary entry. (at least 2 pages long)

  • Make a timeline of the events of the story. Must include pictures in your timeline. (must include 15-20 events)
  • Make a comic book based on the book. (must have 15-20 frames)
  • Make a series of 5 drawings depicting the major points. Describe them. (1 page)
  • Create another character for the story. Tell how things would change with this character's presence. (2 pages)
  • Construct a crossword puzzle of words and their definitions from the story.  Must have at least 15 words. You can make it on...
  • Design the front page of a newspaper with headlines and a story about what happened in the book. (include illustrations and 4-5 stories)
  • Draw a movie poster advertising the story, and cast a real actor in each character's role. Explain it. (2 pages)
  • Pretend you are a movie critic. Criticize the book as if it were a movie.  (2 pages)
  • Make a map of the area where the story took place. Indicate where each event occured and be sure to include a key.  (include illustrations)
  • Construct a scrapbook of your favorite character. Explain it.
  • Construct a mural about the book. Tell about it. (1 page)
  • Write and illustrate a children's book summarizing the story for someone younger.
  • Put together a collage of the story from magazine pictures. On a separate page, explain your collage. (at least  1 full page)
  • Write a letter from a character to the reader explaining his or her actions in the story.  (at least 2 pages)
  • Write a letter to a character telling about your reaction to him or her in the book. (at least 2 pages)
  • Create a painting of a scene from the story. Explain your painting on a separate paper. (1 page)
  • Write a letter to the author giving your reactions to the book. (2 pages)
  • Explain how the story would have been different if some major event had happened differently. (2 pages)



Bloom Ball Book Project

The book must be the book we are reading as a class each nine weeks.

You will need 12 circles to complete your Bloom Ball.On the face of each circle you will write and/or draw information aboutthe book. Be sure to write in complete sentences.The following information MUST be included on your Bloom Ball 

Must have the first 3.  

1. Title– illustrate to look like cover of book.

2. Author’s name & 3 facts about the author

3. Your full name, period, & number- illustrate 3 traits aboutyourself.



Pick from these to total the 12 circles. (9 more)

4. Draw a picture of the setting, include when and where.

5. Write a short summary of the book (at least 5 complete sentences).

6. Draw a picture of an exciting, funny suspenseful, or sad part of thebook. This will be some of the action of the book.

7. Draw or write about the high point of the story.

8. Write a different ending to the book (at least 5 complete sentences).

9. Write a description of the main character including the name (at least5 sentences).

10. Draw a picture of the main character and include the name.

11. Design a different cover for the book including the title and author.

12. Make a list of new vocabulary words you learned and give theirdefinitions from the dictionary (4 to 5 words).

13. Write a poem about the book or a character in the book. This can bethe main character or a supporting character.

14. Write 4 adjectives that describe the book.

15. Draw a map that might be part of the book.



 (I will give you the template in class)





A “Book in a Bag” is a book report contained in a brown paper or paper gift bag.  The purpose of the outside of the bag is to interest a classmate to want to read your book.  The inside of your bag should include items that you will be able to use to explain important parts of your book. 


MATERIAL SUGGESTIONS:You will need a clean brown paper or paper gift bag (any size).  You will also need colored pencils or markers, crayons, scotch tape or glue stick, paper. 

PROJECT REQUIREMENTS1.    Choose and read a book that is on the book list.2.  

On the front of the bag neatly write:               

  • Title of the Book               
  • Author of the Book               
  • Draw a picture of the main character/s3.  

Collect at least 3 or 4 things (that will fit into your bag) to help you tell the class about your book when you present your report in class. Attach an index card with a small description of each item & how it connects to the book.  

During the oral presentation you will:

·        Give a short summary of the story

·        Explain why you selected the objects in the bag and why they connect to the book.

·        To whom would you recommend the book.