Book List 6th grade

Dear Students and Parents,

This year, in our reading class, 6th grade students will be required to read several books. We would like to provide you with a list of these books to make sure you have plenty of time to obtain them. The books can be purchased at your local book store, at the school library, online, or can be checked out from a local library.

Students will be required to read a total of three books each quarter and complete a project for each book. 

The books that will be read in class throughout the year are:

TITLE                                                                       AUTHOR

The Danger Box                                                    Blue Balliett

The Upstairs Room                                               Johanna Reiss

The Redheaded Princess: A Novel                   Ann Rinaldi (due in class by 1st week of September)                                           

The Shakespeare Stealer                                    Gary Blackwood


Students must choose 2 of these books from the following list to read at home each quarter (9 weeks) and must also complete a project for each book:

Tuck Everlasting                                   Natalie Babbit

Maniac Magee                                      Jerry Spinelli

Island of the Blue Dolphins                Scott O’Dell

Taking Sides                                          Gary Soto

Call it Courage                                      Armstrong Sperry

My Side of the mountain                    Jean Craighead George      

The Heart of a Chief                            Joseph Bruchac

Incredible Journey                              Sheila Burnford

Journey Home                                        Yoshiko Uchida

King of the Wind                                  Marguerite Henry

M.C. Higgins the Great                        Virginia Hamilton

Shark Beneath the Reef                      Jean Craighead George

Sing Down the Moon                           Scott O’Dell

My Brother Sam is Dead                     James Lincoln Collier

Out of the Dust                                     Karen Hesse

Cheaper by the Dozen                        Frank Gilbreth

Freedom’s Crossing                             Margaret Goff Clark

Swiss Family Robinson                         Johann Wyss

Treasure Island                                     Robert Louis Stevenson


My signature below indicates that I am aware of the books required for all 6th grade reading students and I understand that my child must either purchase or check out a copy of each of these books. Not having the required books will severely affect my child’s academic success in the class.


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