Danger Box Questions




  1. What was Mr. Zip’s plan? How was his plan



2. Make a list of the ten most important things a

reader should know about Zoomy.


3. Describe the town of Three Oaks. Create a Venn

diagram comparing this location to your own



4. How do lists help Zoomy navigate his days? Do

you ever feel jittery-splat too? What sets him

off? What can set you off? Ch. 7


5. Zoomy has pathological myopia and he says,

“I don’t know how anyone else sees the world,

and no one knows exactly how I see the world!”

and “If you can see More, it isn’t always Better.

Just different.” (p. 23) Discuss what you think

Zoomy means by these two statements and

what they tell us about him as a person. Ch.9



6. What choices is player four considering once he

realizes that Mr. Zip is dead? How is this choice

literally stolen from him? Ch.11



7. Who is Lorrol? How does she change Zoomy’s

story? What is lucky and unlucky about her?

How does their friendship develop? What

similarities do they have? P.31 starts to discuss



8. Using the code from the second issue of The

Gas Gazette, write your name. p.38



9. Describing Gam, Zoomy says, “She makes the

world seem like a safe and happy place, a place

where many things are possible and there’s

always a hug waiting.” Who makes you feel like