Extra Credit: 6th Reading


Extra Credits....    

We now need.... Perlite & Vermiculite

It is nutrients for the soil in the garden, it does costs about $40.00 for one $8.00-16.00 for the other one at Home Depot. I will give parent hours if you send it with the receipt.

All extra credits will be explained in class. Any questions please send me an email. We really need top soil. Home Depot has it for less than $2.00 a bag.

  • Fairchild options: more information on this under the tap Fairchild challenge. Each option has a different due date.
  • Plants for garden: list below

    Plant List

    Dutchman’s pipe (5 gal)

    Passion flower (5 gal)

    5 Coontie (7 gal)

    20 Milkweed (3 gal)

    6 Lemon Grass (3 gal)

    4 Cape jasmine (7 gal)

     4 Tibuchina ( 7 gal)

    20 Penta plant (1 gal)






    The size next to the plant is the preferred pot size, but any size is appreciated.

    Remember, if you want parent hours you must bring the receipt.

    Thank you,

    Ms. Castro & Ms. Puente, ELF CLUB SPONSORS












Bottle Caps: 25 gets a HW grade.    Used Books: 3 gets a HW grade.