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This course will focus on the study of introductory concepts and the technology used in the study of living organisms. There will be a laboratory component with an emphasis on safety and proper laboratory techniques. The course content will include principles of cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, diversity of living organisms and the explorations of invertebrates and vertebrates.



Homework Assignments

  • Week of March 5th -
  • Week of March 12th -
  • Week of March 19th - SPRING BREAK
  • Week of March 25th -
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Perform virtual surgery!
Ed Heads
3D Simulation of the parts of the cell.
Plant & Animal Cells
Welcome to Biology! I'm Mr. Caulkins. Through hard work in observation, experimentation, and research, gradually you will begin to see the world from a different perspective: no longer will you simply look upon it with eyes of high school students, but instead you will so through the eyes of Biologists!
Throughout the course, you will exhibit a thorough understanding of science and Biology. I have extremely high expectations for each and every one of you and expect nothing but hard work and dedication. I look forward to an amazing school year!


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