Grading Information

Grading Procedures:

Classroom Discussion Postings                       20%

Essays/Projects/Performance Assessments     60%

Final Exam                                                      20%

Late Work Policy (applies only to essays, performance assessments and projects):

Major writing (Essays) and projects are expected on time for full credit. Should you choose to turn in the assignment late the following policy will apply. 10% of the earned grade will be deducted each day the assignment is late up to five days. After five days the student will receive 50% of the earned grade. Late work will be accepted up to two weeks before the end of the course.


 Academic Honesty/ Plagiarism

It is the philosophy of the Distance Learning department that all participants should adhere to the student code of conduct found in the Student Handbook.


It is imperative that students maintain a high degree of individual honor in their scholastic endeavors. Scholastic dishonesty will not be condoned under any circumstances.


Generally, scholastic dishonesty is interpreted as cheating on an examination or quiz, which includes giving or receiving information, copying, using unauthorized materials in tests, collaboration during examinations, substituting for another person or allowing substitutions during examination; plagiarism, submission of work other than one's own.


It is the standard of this course and this school for each student to have integrity. Any work submitted by a student in this course must be the student’s own work. You are encouraged to study together and to discuss information and concepts covered in class and the sections with other students.  Should you choose to copy, both the student who copied the work and the student who gave the material to be copied will be choosing to receive a zero for the assignment. This applies for all assignments, tests, and papers.

Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention tool and detection software that assists students and faculty to ensure the academic integrity of submitted work. You will be required to submit some of your coursework through The software checks your work against all the published material stored in its database to see if your writing contains borrowed passages. The database includes but is not limited to websites, books, journals, and student papers.

Your instructor will inform you which assignments should be submitted to Turnitin. Submission to Turnitin does not take the place of your Dropbox, you will be required to submit your assignment to both areas. Your instructor will access your submissions and will advise you if there are any concerns. You will be able to view your submission results as well.

You will need to set up an account at and enter the following password to be enrolled in this class on

Class ID: 3165484

Password: Christie2208