Computer Center Activities

Computer Center Activities


1. Trophies menu 


2. Create a friendly letter


3. Storyline Online- Have a book read to you


4. Spelling City- practice your spelling words and develop 


5. Mad Libs


6. Create a word


7. Study Island  (Click on "Login" in upper right corner of page. Then click on orange "Login" on next page...this is for Login in
to school. Type in your username-usually your first initial, then last name @fw. Your password will be your lunch number. When you get
signed on to Study Island click on "PA Programs" on the left hand side. Your program choice will be "3rd Grade-PA Standards Mastery".
Select either Math or ELA. Finally select a topic that you want to try and earn a Blue Ribbon on.


8. Huge list of nonfiction books that can be read online. 
(Thanks to the Wilson School District...In upper corner select 
Shiloh Hills Elementary School, then click on Department Tab in the 
middle of the Shiloh Hills site, next click on Library. Finally scroll down to the 
Capstone Interactive found on the left hand side of the site.)


9. Word games


10. Incredible collection of books that students can read and/or 
have read to. 

Click on 'Sign In':
Password: 1234567
Click on 'Mr.Crissman'
Click on 'Mr.Crissman'
Password: 1234567
Begin browsing/reading books

11. Another site with books being read aloud.


12. Howard Wigglebottom stories


13. Great site for animal habitats/biomes


14. Comic Creator

Comic Creator


15. Reading Eggs


16. Online Boggle