Computer Safety

Computer Safety

A Parent Checklist:
1. All children should be monitored when using the Internet...a child's 
bedroom is not a good place for an Internet connection.   

2. Set up guidelines with your child about the use of the computer and the 

3. Spell out an agreement so you child knows exactly what the rules and 
expectations are. 

4. Check the brower history frequently to see the sites where family members 
are going. 

5. Consider setting filtering and or blocking parameters. 

6. Children should never give out private information, such as your last 
name, address, phone number, information about family members or financial 
information without asking a parent for permission. 

7. Children should never give out information about their school without 
permission from an adult. 

8. Understand how to navigate safely with browsers and portals designed for 

9. Children should never agree to meet face-to-face with anyone they've met 

10. If anything inappropriate (a picture, advertisement or email) or 
threatening comes on the screen, an adult should be notified immediately. 

11. Children should never give out a password. 

12. Children should never email a picture without adult permission. 

13. These rules should always be followed at home, at school, at the library 
or at a friend's house. 

14. Parents need to set a good example when it comes to using the computer 
and the Internet.  

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