Educator Sites

Educator Sites


2. Great listing of technology based lessons/units


3. Very user friendly site...great printables and materials


4. Tremendous listing of subjects...each with numerous websites


5. Theme teaching materials


6. Awesome listing of teaching resources...from a classroom 


7. Another great collection of teacher resources


8. Classroom teacher with an incredible site...all subject areas


9. Visit this site when searching for a webquest


10. Rubrics Galore! Every type of rubric that you could imagine


11. Lesson-plan finder...matches up to each state's standards


12. Tremendous website that parallels Fleetwood's language arts 
Many printables for classroom use.


14. Very similar layout to #4-kidskonnect website


15. Units for elementary students...incorporate technology


16. All teachers...all the time...


17. Discovery School: lesson plan creator, worksheet generator, 


18. Templates from Microsoft Office...almost any template 


19. Incredible collection of by grade level or 


20. Instructional Integrations


21. Outstanding site to use for elementary language arts 
instruction (Thanks, Mrs. Marsden!)


22. Daily writing site with a prompt(s) for every day of the 
year. Get your students writing!