Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions 
of students and parents.



How will this website be used throughout the year?

This classroom website provides an additional forum for students to grow as learners and provides a way for parents to stay informed
of the activities going onin our classroom and at Willow Creek. We will use this site on a daily basis to enrich our classroom
instruction and to offer additional ways to practice what we are learning. Check out the New Sites for 2017-2018 for sites that have
recently been introduced to the class.



How is it best to contact Mr. Crissman?

E-mail, phone calls at home or school, or just a simple note will all suffice when trying to contact me. My one suggestion
is to never just leave a message on my voicemail at school. I don't always check this during the day. Therefore, this often will be 
the slowest response time to a question/concern that you may have. If you need to talk to me at school on the phone please call the
building office and ask the secretary to transfer you directly to me. Probably the best way during the school day to contact
me is by e-mail. I check this several times during the day and will quickly respond when I have a couple moments to do so.



What can I find on our classroom website?

You can check what homework assignments you have each day, find out our daily schedule (including what special for each cycle day),
a monthly calendar, find out what week you are Student of the Week, and there are numerous websites for each subject area.



Who do we make checks out to for book orders?

I would prefer that you make book order checks out to me (Dave Crissman). This allows me to order the books online and pay with 
a credit card. I have found that this is the quickest way to get books returned from Scholastic. You may also want to order 
directly from Scholastic. I will provide information about direct order information.



What if we don't have specific homework assignments?

You will have take-home homework almost every Monday-Thursday. However, I rarely give weekend homework. I would like you to read 
for 15 minutes each day to increase your independent reading skills. This can be done with any book of your choice, but the
reading book in your reading fluency folder works great for this.You can also practice your math facts for five-ten 
minutes each night. You may want to check out mathfactcafe.com for online flashcards (or other math fact practice sites 
found under our math section).



Class Talk, Book Talks, and Book Bingo...what are these?

The Class Talk is a way for your child to speak in front of the class about a topic of his/her choice. (A letter will be sent 
home very soon explaining this in detail. We only have one Class Talk for the year.) Book Talks are a monthly book report that 
each child is expected to complete. Students read a book that I have okayed and they find some way to present the book to 
the class by the end of each month. Book talks will be assigned during several of the months, in lieu of book talks.