3. Webcams of animals across Africa


4. Incredible collection of American animals...basically an 
unlimited amount of field guides for American animals. Gardening 
information, as well.


6. Animal Planet website


7. National Geographic for kids


8. Tremendous collection of sites...many pertain to science


9. Tremendous collection of sites...many pertain to science


10. Great interactive tour of your body


11. Open lab for students wanting to learn about science


12. A virtual farm


13. Gardening for children...and adults


14. Nutrition


15. Taking care of yourself


16. Food pyramid information


17. Watch time-lapse photography of plants growing


18. Plants, trees, insects, earthworms, rivers, gardening...


19. Fun interactive science site


20. The title of the website says it all


21. Simple machines, surgery, and weather


22. Tremendous site for habitats/biomes


23. Archaelogical dig...interactive


24. NASA for kids...activities that are space related


25. More space for kids


26. Bill Nye


27. An interactive village is created out of 3-D characters


28. Wonderful online way to identify trees


29. Great simple machines practice


30. Reptiles


31. Fish


32. Amphibians


33. Birds


34. Mammals


35. An incredible site to use to find animals in alphabetical 
order...thanks, Kylee!


36. Invertebrates,com_alphacontent/section,4/cat,13/task,view/id,39/Itemid,31/


37. Complete collection of animal websites compiled by Mrs. 
Scheidt. (Thank you Mrs. Scheidt)


38. Bill Nye videos to enjoy and learn from