2019-2020 Information Station


September 15, 2019

We had a fabulous first week of school!! I have never been so impressed by our new parents.  The green cards (& orange reminder cards) walk you through each co-op area.  It has been amazing this week to watch our parents jumping in, taking initiative and getting it done!!!!! 

Throughout September I will get to know your children and see how I can best meet the needs of each individual child!!  We will do a slow introduction to the classroom environment, taking the time to teach the children the appropriate way to use materials & maintain our classroom:-). Co-oping adults will learn the difference between policing free choice play and being a facilitator available to enrich and extend the free play experience.  

If there is one piece of advice, I can give to my new parents, it is to relax and enjoy the process. Everybody was new at one time or another and if you trust in the process you will reap the rewards. 


It can be uncomfortable working with someone else's child.  What I would like you to do is to step back, change your mindset from parent to teacher, and teach the children the language necessary to work through the conflict.  We do not shame, blame, or punish - we teach! We help the children learn what TO do instead of what NOT to do!!  Working with children is an everchanging journey; some days are quiet while some are loud; some seem never ending while others end far too fast; some days are smooth while others are the epitome of stretching & growing. We never have a bad day only a growing day!  


Please do not let your child use the outside (adult) bathroom.  What I have found happens is that children will then not use the classroom bathroom and try to hold it all day, which can result in tummy aches and accidents.  If your child is self-conscious of others 'watching' please work with them on understanding that not one single child in the classroom cares who is or isn't in the bathroom.  We all have to go potty!!!  It is state law that the bathroom door remains open. 

Often your own child will want you to take him/her into another area or to the bathroom. Keep in mind that when you are co-oping you are acting as a teacher and are responsible for all of the children, so help your child gain the confidence in asking another adult to help him/her.


 CVPP is a nut free school!! No peanuts or tree nuts may come to school. Please read the labels of packaged foods. Please pay close attention that they do not contain the warning - may contain peanuts or tree nuts at the bottom of the label - under the ingredient list or in the ingredient list.   The Preschool Class has a SUNFLOWER Seed allergy.  Please do not send any item to school containing any form of sunflower seeds.   


Building immunities is a large & important part of preschool. If you keep a child home every time, they have a runny nose or a cough, they will never come to school. Please keep in mind that children get sick from germs, not from using water in the sandbox or being outside when the weather is cool.  Children that come to school should be in good health and prepared to play in any of our interest areas.  If you feel your child’s play area should be restricted (i.e. no outdoor play, no water play) then he/she should probably stay home. 


It is also important to remember that germs are everywhere – the grocery store shopping cart, toys at home, kids (& adults) touch things and then touch their face, rub their eyes, etc. and get sick…it doesn’t always come from school…


If your child is just not feeling right (out of sorts, extra tired, cranky, loss of appetite), it would be a good idea to keep them home.  A child is most contagious before the obvious signs (diarrhea, fever, vomiting).  Hopefully your child wants to come to school, but if he/she is coming down with something they will end up missing more school if they don’t take the time to rest and get plenty of fluids.


The last few years it seems everyone has been hit harder with various colds and flu.  I have expanded our ‘when to keep your child home’ list...


When to keep your child home-

  1. Fever (many schools require children to be fever free for 24 hours without medication before going back to school)
  2. Nausea and vomiting.
  3. Diarrhea.
  4. A rough night (for example, if your child was up all night coughing or having trouble breathing)
  5. Listlessness, lethargy.
  6. No appetite.
  7. Pink eye.
  8. Your child doesn't seem "herself"


I am always looking for a qualified substitute.  You do not have to be director qualified.  If you have any early childhood units, we can determine if you are a possible candidate!!  You will also need a current cpr card.  


Our September General Membership Meeting is on Wednesday 9/25/19 from 6-8pm!  This meeting will provide us the opportunity to answer all of your questions!!!   


Have a great week!!


September 8, 2019


...AND WE'RE OFF!!!! Our 2019-2020 School Year has officially begun!!!!

I know that the start of our school year can seem a bit overwhelming.  Everything really is laid out for smooth transitioning into our year.  I hope that between Orientation & Visitation Day you are feeling a bit more confident & prepared for a wonderful & enriching year! 

These first few weeks together will be very, very busy as we help the children become acclimated to their new environment, responsibilities, and friendships. Please keep in mind that for some children, this is the introductory year of their educational journey where simply being separated from their primary care provider will be an adjustment; others will not be used to following directions from adults outside of their immediate family; and others still will struggle learning the new routine, whether they are in the Preschool or Pre-K Class. Patience, consistency & positive modeling will be all these eager young learners will need to flourish. 

Help your child learn our morning routine:

  • Arrive at 9:00am (8:30 if co-oping; 8:25 if using the nursery
  • Help your child find his/her classroom cubby - Help your child place belongings in his/her cubby (please do not bring toys from home
  • You SIGN IN - with the time in, a legible signature, contact phone # & who will pick-up
  • If you are co-oping don’t forget to select your co-op area
  • Help your child wash his/her hands with soap – creating bubbles to wash away those germs; rinse well with water; dry with paper towel; throw towel in garbage
  • Help your child find name tag- please give clues and allow your child time to look on their own before reaching for their tag (Name tags should be placed on your child’s upper front chest area so their names/allergy are easily read)
  • Talk to your child about using a tissue for their nose (not their hands, arms, or sleeve), coughing into their elbows not their hands, washing hands after coughing or nose blowing.

Other reminders:






  • On co-op days, please pack a healthy snack for your child to eat during clean-up! Save sweets, cakes, chips, cookies, juice, etc. for home consumption.
  • Each Friday - Pre-K children provide their own healthy snack (no sweets, cakes, cookies, candy, etc.)
  • Snack Parent is ALWAYS Room 1- remember snack is served family style - please let the children serve their own food & pour their own water. They will also clean up after the snack putting plate & cup in the blue "dirty dishes" container(s)
  • If your child has a food allergy or dietary restriction- please check with the snack parent EACH morning to insure the food being served is appropriate for your child. Remember to initial the sign-in sheet indicating you have taken this step.
  • Please insure your child has a supply of extra clothes in their outside cubby. Remember to include undies, socks, and shoes.
  • Please bring a family photo to attach to our family board in the children's library.


We will probably have an after class talk-over each day. We will take approx. 10 minutes to debrief the day as the children eat their snack. Clean-up will begin following our talk-over.

This is going to be a fantastic year. It may seem overwhelming at first, but the sooner you are able to relax the less overwhelmed you will be. The co-oping guide offers great insight and guidelines to use when working with the children. Children learn by doing – thinking, talking, moving. The fun & enthusiasm you bring into the classroom will transfer directly to the children – having fun is a win, win.

I will post updates each Sunday- please take a few minutes to check it out and you will always feel informed and up to date on all things CVPP!!!!!

Always remember - I am here to receive your questions, comments & concerns - so please never hesitate in taking a few minutes to talk with me!!!

Have a great week!!!!!





Please bring the following required items to Orientation:


1) Extra Clothes bag: A gallon sized ziplock bag with your child’s first and last name and class printed on the outside to include:  a pair of shoes or sandals, socks, underwear (or pull ups or diapers), shorts, pants, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt and sweater or light jacket


2) Emergency Kit: In a gallon sized ziplock bag with your child’s name printed on the outside to include: a family photo(s), a comforting book or small toy, a pacifier (if used by your child) and a letter from the parents to your child.  In case of an earthquake or other emergency, the school needs to have these supplies on hand. 


3) Three packs of baby wipes (Costco brand preferably) or a $5 donation per child enrolled


4) Fee for PreK Weekly Reader: $6.50


5) Misc. school supplies fee (ex: Earth Day T-shirts): $10


6) Two pictures of your child, no larger than 4x6


7) Nursery Fee (if utilizing it)- $50


8) Any outstanding registration paperwork 




1) Activity Fund donation: $15, (used for family gifts ex: new baby gifts)


2) CVPP T-shirts or sweatshirt: $10 & $15 


Cash or check are preferred methods of payment at orientation.