August 24, 2011

Dear Parents,

As the school year begins I would like to share some information with you.  Hopefully this information will provide answers to questions you may have.

The first graders have art on Mondays from 1:00-2:00 with Mrs. Mary K. Rosner.  They have physical education on Tuesdays from 11:05-11:35 and on Wednesdays from 9:40-10:10 with Miss Tracey Cultice.  Music is on Wednesdays from 10:10-10:40 and on Fridays from 9:40-10:10 with Mrs. Kathleen Smith.  Library is on Thursdays from 1:47-2:26 with Mrs. Joan Roberts.  Computer is on Thursdays from 2:28-3:07 with Mrs. Diane Keenan.  Lunch recess is from 11:35-11:55 and lunch is from 11:55-12:20.

The publisher of our reading series suggests that in first grade, before beginning the first reader, the teacher use the first fifteen days as a review.  During these days we will review consonant sounds and short vowel sounds.  We will also review the high frequency sight words, I, can, we, like, see, the, go, to, have, a, play, you, he, is, she, and, said, are, do, this, what, for, here, little, was, my, look, has, where, with, me.  I have listed the words in the order we will review them.  The words in italics are those for the first five days.  The next ten words are for the next five days and the rest for the final five days.  Each week the children will bring home a sheet with that week's sight words on it.  The sheet can be cut apart to be used as flash cards.  The flash cards are a nice size, suitable to be glued to a three by five card.  During the fifteen day review and for the rest of the school year we will do many things with different kinds of books to support skills presented in the reading series.

There will be an information letter such as this one every other Tuesday.  At this time the parish is developing a website that will include both the church and school.  Until that process is complete I will post my information letters on the school's current website.  To view letters go to the school's website which is, click on Classroom Chatter, and then click on Miss Doody's Website.  On my website click on Newsletter.  For now, in addition to being posted on the school's website, my information letter will come home with the children.  Letters will be in the book bag folder.  Also in the folder will be papers that have been completed in school.

Have a very nice week.


MIss Donna Doody