Anchored Instruction and Goal Based Scenarios


Building on the Blended learning lesson in which students set Mastery goals where students have transformed from consumers of technology to producers and contributors of digital knowledge artifacts, goal-based scenarios provide for the employment of transcendent technology use. Allowing students to pick a passion project or a genius hour project each semester or year is a model opportunity to employ technology for transcendent purposes of inquiry and problem-solving. This employment has application in the blended or online classroom. Personalization is optimized when students can choose to work with a group with similar interests or on a solitary project. The learning potential for either modality is remarkable. 

            Magana’s (2017) T3 framework provides for conversations that need to happen at the curricular design level when considering current transcripts for high school students. For eligibility and acceptance into California State Universities, Universities of California and many private Universities, schools, and students must meet certain curricular criteria. Allowing students to construct their own curriculum, set mastery goals and innovate solutions to problems has yet to make it’ way to the transcript requirements. However, creating room for this in the lives of our students is imperative to cultivating Gardner’s (2008) Synthesizing mind of the future.