How to help your student use their iPad for Schoolwork

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

Students and parents often have questions and concerns about their iPads. Please refer to this document to help answer any of those questions.

Can Students use their own cases for their iPads? No. We provide these cases after researching the best protection from drops and damage.

Can students use their own screen protector? No. We provide a screen protector for the iPad which will protect against scratches and other damage.

Can the students use Game Center?
No. The iPads are intended to be used as an educational device.

Can I use my own Apple ID? If it’s paired with the Student ID, yes – otherwise we would prefer you to create a new Apple ID with your student account for security purposes.

If an iPad becomes Disabled:

The iPad must be restored to factory settings. All information on it is lost and cannot be retrieved under any circumstances.

Is my data backed up?
Not automatically, no. The students should make sure that they are backing up their information on their own with either iCloud or OneDrive for Business.

What can I use for completing the Student Guides on the iPad?

We recommend Adobe Acrobat for completing the packets. We find it to be the best at integrating backup and workability to the student guide process.

There are some questions revolving around Account creation and Setup. In most cases, you can refer to the Getting Started (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. with your iPad document that was provided either when you picked up your iPad or from your Facilitator. If you need more specific information for setting up your account it’s recommended to follow the instructions provided by Apple online at: us/HT204034

There are some other concerns about student data on their iPads. Everything from personal pictures to school packets are stored on the iPads and in most cases is important to the success of our students. There are cases in which the student may be in danger of losing their information. In any event that the iPad must be collected from the student there is a high chance that the information on the iPad will be erased, in-fact, it should be expected. It is the student’s responsibility to backup their information and we recommend the students use the iCloud application and their OneDrive for Business account. The OneDrive for Business application can be downloaded on the AppStore and is available for free. This application will synchronize with the student’s Excelsior account.

To backup to iCloud, follow the instructions below:

  • Whenever your device is connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi go to Settings>iCloud

  •  Select the information that you wish to be backed up: pictures, contacts, calendars, etc.

  • To manually backup the information navigate to the same page but select Storage & Backup and select Backup Now.