Parent's Guide to Technology at Excelsior

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Excellence in 21st-century education requires that technology is clearly infused throughout the educational program. Access to technology is essential for the success of our students now and in the future. One way of increasing Excelsior students’ access to technology is by utilizing the iPad tablet as a powerful learning tool. Excelsior prides itself on being a pioneer in the growing trend of providing one iPad and technology to every one of our students (1:1 iPad tablet program). Long before we were making the transition from our book and paper-student guide based curriculum to our interactive and digitally based curriculum in Canvas, we understood the power of technology and the necessity to provide opportunities for our students to innovate their education. 

The focus of the iPad program at Excelsior is to provide tools and resources to 21st Century Learners. The individual use of iPads is a way to empower students to maximize their full potential and to prepare them for college and the workplace. As a result of the one student, one one iPad tablet program we believe that students will:

  • Improve academic achievement.
  • Use the internet and computer media to communicate and work together.
  • Use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, and solve problems.
  • Understand and practice legal and ethical behavior related to technology.

These expected outcomes are realized from the continuous and active interaction among students, educators, parents and the extended community. Technology immersion does not reduce the vital role of the teacher or parent at Excelsior. To the contrary, it transforms the teacher and parent from directors of learning to facilitators and guardians of learning. 

I am very excited about the opportunity to partner with you to provide our students with these tools for learning and I look forward to gathering feedback as to the most effective way our students can use technology to learn. At our first meeting, you were given access to the Student Handbook (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (pgs.52-68), Student Internet and Safety Policy (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and the Ipad Responsible Use Policy (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. please read over each of these carefully, as they explain student and parent responsibilities and include important information about the FERPA and COPPA compliant internet privacy and safety practices of Excelsior. These should be reviewed together as a family and you can feel free to e-mail me if there are any questions, thought or suggestions.

All good things,

DeAnna Crocker

Excelsior Charter Schools, Special Education Facilitator

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