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Don't Take It Out On Your Kids is a positive discipline technique for teachers and parents to handle difficult situations with children.

Positive Discipline shares suggestions to parents to help encourage appropriate behavior and what to do for misbehavior.

Goodkids is a parenting guide, with many ideas and helpful hints.

Make Lemons into Lemonade provides information on setting limits establishing responsibility and control in a child's life. The four types of limits and keys to effective limits.

AMA - Adolescent Health ON Line is a service of the American Medical Association and deals with issues that affect the physical, emotional, and sexual health of teens, addressing such issues as depression, substance abuse, violence, STDs, and contraception. The site also links to AMA sites of more general interest.

ED Publications for Parents includes not only the popular "Helping Your Child..." series for parents (some available in Spanish) but also other booklets and articles available on line on topics ranging from reading to the Internet to financial aid for college. Published by the US Dept of Education.

Family Education Network lists information of general interest to parents and students, including homework help, health, and disability "channels".

Helping Your Child with Homework from the US Dept. of Education  provides solid assistance based on research to guide parents of elementary and junior high school-aged children when deciding how to help children with homework.

KidSource Online is the source for in-depth and timely education and health care information, this site contains resources for school personnel and parents on issues affecting children's health from infancy through the teens. It includes information on new products, product recalls, childhood diseases, recreation, and teen issues.

National PTA Links for Parents and Other Child Advocates has an extensive resource listing compiled by the National Parent Teacher Organization which will be of definite interest to parents and educators because of the wide range of child-centered resources available here.

Hand in Hand to Educate Children gives ideas for Parents and Teachers to give children the desire to learn and work hard through better communication resulting in a better education.

Tips for Parents offers suggestions to parents on such topics as: Back to School, Dealing with Bullies, Stopping School Violence, and Making Schools Safer.

Coping With National Tragedy
The National Association of School Psychologists will continue to provide information to help parents, school personnel, mental health professionals, and others to assist children as they cope with the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the United States.

Communication Tips for Parents and Kids has a list of tips aimed at improving communication between parents and their children along with related articles.

Parent Soup is a general interest site for parents and students, this one features parent chats, surveys, activities, and articles about issues affecting children and families.
Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication of Indiana University