Hi, my name is Charleen Fear, and I am a teacher at Caddo Hills High School in Norman, Arkansas. I received my B.S.E. from Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, in May of 1978 with majors in English and Natural Science. I also have received endorsements in Oral Commuciation, Drama, and Journalism. In 2006, I ventured back into the academic world and received my M.S.E. in Educational Leadership, also from Henderson State University, in May of 2008. Yes, thirty years had lapsed between degrees, and although, I felt daunted with the changes those thirty years had brought to the education field, I worked diligently and would not trade the long hours, frustrations, and new collegues for anything in the world.  If I had but one bit of advice to give to the students and adults of today, it would be: IT IS NEVER TOO LATE.

     I am married to a wonderful man, Patrick Fear, of ten years who has supported me emotionally through the changes in my life. My children are successful young adults. Tiffany is a mother of three--Chris, 12, Alex, 6, and Elizabeth, 1. She and her husband, Tony, own a cafe in sourthern Arkansas. Joshua is a sargeant in the Army and is stationed in Washington, but right now he is fighting for our freedom and the freedom of the people of Iraq. Coty is the youngest and is still searching for himself. 

     The opportunity to serve the students, parents, and community of Caddo Hills School District is a great honor.  As a teacher at CHHS of nine years, I have watched this great school grow academically.  The administration, teachers, staff, and parents care about the quality of education for the children within these walls, and the teachers strive to impart this knowledge to the students.  Through this constant support of the administration, parents, and community, the teachers are developing an unbelievable group of young students for the future. Our students are well-educated, well-rounded, and without a doubt the
best in the state.

     I have taught in schools ranging from 300 students, grades 7-12, to 4000 students, grades 9-12, and in each case, I have found that children want love, discipline, commitment, and respect. They deserve our
greatest asset, which is our commitment to their success. By committing to the future, we are showing our love and respect for these fine young adults, our state, and our country.