Daily Homework

                         ***Homework - Homework - Homework ---is important! 
Throughout this year, you will be able to see what your child should be working on daily.  Your child should be writing their homework assignments each day in their daily agendas. Please check it each night and initial. I will be also checking this agenda.
Homework will help practice their skills that they have been taught.

Each child is responsible for working on Book-In-A-Bag each night, except Fridays. This includes reading a book and writing 4 sentences about what they read that night. 

Spelling tests will take place each Friday. Spelling words are posted every Monday.

Finding a nice, quiet place to do homework will help stay focused.

Homework for Week of March 28th                          


ELA     - Page 5 in workbook - Story and Questions 

Math    -  Fractions worksheet - page 3  (1-10)

Social Studies  - Color and label the map

Science  - None


ELA     - Matching  - Vocabulary and definitions

Math    -  Adding money - pg 6

Social Studies  - Matching worksheet

Science  - Planets worksheet


ELA     - "Our special Family" - write 3 sentences using vocabulary words

Math    -  Addition - Secret Passage

Social Studies  - None

Science  - Fossils - Fill in the blank


ELA     - ABC order worksheet

Math    - Telling time

Social Studies  - Our States

Science  -None