Each student's work should be done efficiently. Each student will obtain:

 ++    - extraordinary effort   +      -  very good effort       -   good effort  -   -   needs more effort - (they are given a chance to improve to good effort by making changes)  

Report card grades will be graded with the below system:

C - Constantly   /   O - Often   /  S -  Sometimes   /   R - Rarely 


When students are absent from school, they miss a crucial piece of their education.  It is possible to make up written work, but class instruction, presentations, discussions, and teacher-peer interaction are much harder to make up.

In cases where students will be absent, please notify our main office by 9:15. If this is due to illness, please contact our nurses office. 

Please contact the main office by 9:15 if you would like to pick up a student's missed work. They will have it ready for you.


Assessments are an important part of the curriculum. It is important that students understand the material that is taught on a daily basis. My daily lessons will be carefully thought out. I will construct an assessment through the year that helps me understand individual student’s development.The assessment will include fun and creative tasks or activities. Ex: drawings, interviews, games. These will be managed individually or within a group. These activities/tasks will end with a more formal exercise including a written assessment.  Evaluations will be based on completion, cooperation, content, and creativity.