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What Are The Main Contents Of The Dark Web?


The dark web is the content-rich zone of the internet, however pretty small in size. There are varied types of content found on the dark web. Some are really weird or creepy, and it may hurt if you have a weak heart. Some dark web contents are stupid. It seems like they are just there like a bogus substance. At the same time, there are some contents that are highly interesting.

Most of these contents are illegal, and only a tiny portion of the dark web is actually legal content. Interestingly, most people do not even bother about the legal aspects of the dark web!

  • Products: Well, like the e-commerce sites on the clear web, say Amazon or Walmart, there are e-commerce stores on the dark web as well. These stores sell illegal items such as drugs, weapons, counterfeit documents, and more. These are everyday products. Something creepy? Yes, human skin made belts, wallets, and whatnot. However, some of these are fake and just there to con you taking your money or maybe just to draw even more traffic.
  • Hackers: At this point, you might say that how are hackers a product? Absolutely right! They are not products; they are counted as a part of service. The service is termed hackers-for-hire. However, there are other variants of the terms, such as hire-a-hacker and rent-a-hacker. These hackers are either malevolent or benevolent. In the first instance, they hack other people’s databases and sell them on various dark web websites or hacker forums.
  • Guns & Weapons: Yes, you can acquire guns or weapons offline, which may be legal. What if you can acquire them illegally through the darknet being anonymous? Not a bad idea indeed! (until you are traced and caught). There are several dark web websites that sell weapons and ammunition. One famous example has been the now-defunct Silk Road. However, most of the darknet marketplaces now do not support the sale of guns and ammunition. But there are gun markets for sure.
  • Hitmen: Another service that is available on the dark web is the hitman-for-hire. If you know the concept of a hitman in the physical world, you can definitely guess what it is on the dark web. The only difference is on two points. The first is that everything goes on anonymously, and second, the payment is carried out in Bitcoin (BTC). You can hire or book an assassin to kill someone, and no one would ever know who did it. This being said, this point is quite dicey. This is because there exists controversy about whether this service is for real.
  • Drugs: The darknet is probably the best place for trading drugs. You get to have your hands on various types of drugs in your preferred quantities and forms.
  • Fraud Services: The fraud services mainly include counterfeit products such as documents and money. They are openly sold on the various darknet markets and in some forums.
  • Child Pornography (CP): There are freaks that trade a huge mass of child pornographic and abusive materials. This is, however, very serious. There are darknet websites that strictly restrict the trade of CP. It would be best if you stayed away from such things.
  • Terrorism: Yes, people on the darknet discuss several topics, of which one is Terrorism. Although terrorism products are highly discouraged on most of the dark web markets, yet they exist.
  • Cannibalism: Cannibalism has been a prominent thing on the dark web owing to the censorship-free nature of the darknet. People openly discuss “how to cook women”, how to make flesh taste better, and all shit.