Course Syllabus - Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology

Mr. DeGennaro

Class Rules 

Do Right…Don’t Do Wrong 


1.      Be on time!!!

2.      Respect your peers

3.      NO CELL PHONES!!!

4.      No food or drink during class


1.      Possible warning -  Step 1 may be skipped at teacher’s discretion

2.      Detention – To be served within 3 school days

3.      Parent contact

*** “Suggestion #3” (NO CELL PHONES) – If I am able to SEE your cell phone, I will TAKE your cell phone.  You will have to come afterschool to get it from me and to schedule your detention.***

    Daily Essentials*

**Bring to class everyday*** 


Pen and/or Pencil

Science Notebook



***Failure to bring daily essentials to class will effect your class participation grade***

   Class Expectations 

  1. Get to class on time!
  2. Bring all necessary materials to class
  3. Do all work and hand it in ON TIME!
  4. Put in the effort to succeed