Current Events - A & P

Current Events  
  1. All articles must be on the topic of anatomy and physiology or science technology.
  2. Closely monitor any reliable news sources (magazine, newspaper, journal, etc.), looking for articles of interest.
  3. Read each article carefully.
  4. Underline any unknown words in the article. ***At least 3 words must be underlined in each article***
  5. Begin the write-up by defining all underlined words.
  6. In 5-8 sentences, summarize the article in your own words.
  7. In 5-8 sentences, write a reaction/opinion to the article.
 Grading for Current Events 
  1. Each student will need to respond to 3 articles per week of the semester.
  2. Each article should be placed neatly in a binder.
  3. Each summary and reaction should be neatly attached to the article.
  4. Neatness counts!
  5. Be sure that the summary and reaction to the article are thorough!
  6. The final grade for the binder will count as a test grade.