Painting Your Garage Floors: A Pro Approach



How many times are you really going to be able to look at your own garage and say that you like the plain old white dry walls or even the old cracked concrete flooring? You and your garage deserve something better to look at every day. Just think about it, your garage is probably the most used space in your home, and you may be just haven't thought about it. It's where you park your precious cars, store old tools and furniture, or it is even the place you hang out with friends. Your garage deserves better than plain old grey concrete floors, and you deserve a space where you can have fun.


If you consider painting your garage floors, you might need to know a few tips before actually approaching the project. If you have unsealed concrete floors in your garage, you might want to consider cleaning the floors before actually painting them. This is a good way to avoid any debris or dust getting into the paint you are using, it is a smart approach to having perfectly clean painted garage floors. The first thing you will do is purchase a product called masonry, etcher, and cleaner; this is a substance that helps improve the absorption and overall quality of the paint you use. 


You will also want to make sure that you are brushing your floors and completely removing any dirt lying on the surface or interfering with the type and amount of paint you are using. You will then want to spray your floors thoroughly, you can use a hard pressure sprayer from your hose, or you could get pressure to do this. After you have finished all these steps, make sure to prime your floors, this is what gives the paint durability and protects the surface. Make sure to tape the corners of your walls to make sure that when you paint your floors, your walls aren't being touched. Pour the paint into a tray and paint away, you will want to repeat this process until your floor is completely covered.


With these tips, we hope we have helped you understand the process of painting your garage floors and how easy it can be. With an inexpensive project, you can make your garage look brand new in no time. If you are looking for exterior painting, house painters, or painters in Toronto, make sure to contact Demiri Painting & Decorating.