Greetings from Room #150. Wow, what a great first week of school. It was good to get to know the students in our class and begin working on our routine. More importantly, the learning has begun. Please take a moment to read some highlights of what we are working on in each subject. Thank you for your continued support.


            1.  Place Value to Thousand – Students should be able to write a number in three ways.

Standard - 4,237     Expanded Form – 4,000 + 200 + 30 + 7    Words – four thousand, two hundred thirty-seven

            2.  Comparing and Ordering Numbers 7,689 > 7,645

            3.  Please spend time each week helping your child master the basic facts (+ and – NOW and X soon).


            Language Arts

            1.  Writing a complete sentence.

            2.  Sticking to the topic when writing a paragraph.

            3.  Identifying the subject and predicate of a sentence. Seven boys ran to the playground.



  1. Comprehension Strategies – Making connections when we read, predicting, and visualizing (Do you have a picture in your head of what is happening in the story?)
  2. Venn Diagrams – Comparing and contrasting
  3. Cause and Effect
  4. Vocabulary

Our reading books have been ordered but are not in.  We are going to be sharing books with another class this week. Usually the textbook will come home on Monday to read the story with your child, but this week might be different. Reading for pleasure at home is essential throughout the week.



Remember the spelling lists are in the Third Grade Packet. The students will also be writing the words in the agenda each week. The words are also on my website.  Pretest on Monday and final test on Friday.


Social Studies

  1. Learn 7 continents and 4 oceans
  2. Where do you live? City, state, country, hemisphere, contienent
  3. Map and geography skills



  1. Learning the cursive letters i, t, u, w, e.
  2. Focus on slant, shape, size, and spacing.
  3. We will also be working on neatness in daily work in ALL subjects.


Additional Notes

  • Please sign the agenda each night. This is a great communication tool.
  • Website address is
  • Snacks may be sent daily. Please remember our room is peanut free.
  • We are working on empathy in our classroom. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can be practiced at home too.