Women's Suffrage

                                Women and the Right to Vote

 Hello Everyone! For this project I would like you all to follow the instructions I have included. You will be given class time to work on this project but I suggest that you also do some work while outside of class. I would like you all to do some research on the women's suffrage movement and then present that information to the class. This will be an introduction to our civil rights unit. 

1. I would like you to look at some of the sites that I have included further down to do some broad research on the topic. Please stick to these websites for this part of the research.

2. After you've spent some time looking through these sites I'd like you to select five specific topics that you may like to do further research on. 

3. Once you have your topics come up to me and I'll go over them with you and approve one for you to work with. 

4. For the rest of the class you will do research that focuses on your selected topic. You will compile this research into a presentation that you will use to inform the class about your topic. In your presentation make sure to include visuals in a powerpoint. These must include, but are not limited to, a spreadsheet and a graph. 

* I suggest sticking to the sites I have included but if you would like to use a different site then make sure that the information is appropriate and accurate. I would prefer that you use sites that end in .gov or .edu. If you use a site other than one I supplied you with make sure you add a bibliography page at the end of your presentation with the new site on it.