Second Grade in Alphabetical Order


Welcome to 2nd Grade at Johnson



Second Grade In Alphabetical Order

About Mrs. Denny

I live in Hartland Michigan with my Husband  and my precious Dobermans whom I love and train, we show in Conformation and Agility.  I am a Grandma to Owen (almost 3 and Natalie 8 years old)

I have been teaching for 30 years. This is my fifth year of teaching Second Grade, I am thrilled to be part of the Second Grade team at Johnson!   I cant wait watch our young learners grow! I truly enjoy my job and consider it a special gift to help your child learn and grow.  The relationships built with students each year are what I look forward to the most in teaching.  I am excited to be working with you to make this a wonderful year for your child. Please help me to get to know you and your child by completing the Getting to Know Your Child form and the Student Interest Survey.  Please complete the Transportation form and return before the end of the first day of school.









If your child will be absent from school, please report their absence to the office.  If your child is more then 10 minutes late, please check them in at the office.  Please be on time so your child does not miss important learning. If your child is absent on student count day a note must be turned into the office.




Please let us know if your child has any allergies to food.  Please place this information on the Getting to Know Your Child form and on the green emergency card.



Children are not allowed in the classrooms or hallways prior to the bell ringing at 9:07am.  Please have children wait (in the beginning you will probably wait with them) outside the building.  The first bell rings at 9:07, and children will then walk to the classroom.  Parents may walk their child to our room, but please say goodbye at the door so the day of learning can begin.  The start bell rings at 9:12am.  Sometimes children might have separation problems but it usually lasts for a short time when they realize they want to participate in the school day. Please remember to tell Grandparents and/or other care givers this important arrival information if they will be bringing students to school.



Our class will attend art class once a week.   Please see the attached specials schedule.



Student progress will be evaluated by formal assessment tools that are developed for early childhood and by informal observational notes.  Information will be shared with you though report cards and conferences.  If there are areas that need progress or challenge, this information will be shared with the parent. We will be having Spelling Tests on Friday.



Everyone can learn to develop a positive attitude.  We believe that children need to learn this now so they will have fewer problems later.  In our classrooms, there are specific attitudes we foster:  everyone can learn, we are all special, we should respect each other, we are in this together, we always try our best, we can ask questions, and we can be creative.



Please make sure your child brings a backpack each day large enough to fit folders, projects and a lunch box (if brings lunch).  Please check your childs backpack each night for their folders which contain newsletters, homework and notes.





We will do our best to celebrate your childs birthday on the day or close to it.  Please send in a birthday token or craft that day that is easy to pass out and easy to clean up.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the school year.  We are sorry but we cannot pass out invitations at school unless the entire class is invited (or all boys/all girls).  Children can have hurt feelings if they are not invited and they know another child was invited to a party.  Thank you for your understanding.


Book Orders

We will be sending home book orders a few times throughout the year.  These orders will help me accumulate points to purchase items for our classroom.  Checks need to be made out to Scholastic Book Clubs.



If your child is in a specific carpool, please note this on the transportation form. Please let us know what days they will be in the carpool and who the driver is.  If there is a change in pick up arrangements, please let us now by note or phone message so that we am aware of the change.



We will be sending home a class newsletter once a week. The newsletter along with homework will be sent home in the plastic folder on Fridays.  PLEASE return the plastic folder by Friday of the following week.. The newsletter will give you information about the week ahead and will help you ask your child questions about what we are doing at school.  Every Friday, a Communication Envelope will be sent home from the school, as well.  Please take time to read through these items. If you have any questions you can call 248 684-8020 or email




We will have two school wide parent-teacher conferences during the year.  Our first set of conferences in the fall will be in the Fall.  Dates and sign-ups will be available at Curriculum Night.    During the school year, I will be happy to discuss your childs progress with academic and social skills as needed. This year conference dates will be announces as soon as possible.


Curriculum Night

We will have a curriculum night sometime in September.  This is very important for you to attend to hear about what your child will be learning this year and what will be going on in the classroom.  You will also be able to sign up for Fall Conferences at this time.



Student behavior is developed throughout the year.  The class develops a set of classroom rules at the beginning of the year.  At morning meeting, we discuss issues that the class needs to work on to develop a caring classroom community.  Individual concerns are handled on a one-to-one basis. Re-direction is somewhat normal however if re-direction becomes necessary several times during the day you will be contacted so that we can work together on a plan that will help your child adjust to the rules and routines of Second Grade.


School dismisses at 4:05pm.  Parents are not allowed in the hallways until the bell rings.  If you are picking up your child, please meet them outside the office doors.  Please remember that we are not able to release your child to anyone who is not on their Green Card.  If we do not recognize the person picking up your child, we will send them to the office to check I.D. and the Green Card.  This is a must to keep our school safe.  Please limit picking up your child early from school.  The end of the day is just as important as the beginning.  If your child's end of the day schedule changes, please let us know.



We work, paint and enjoy our outdoor time during the school day.  Please help your child dress in comfortable play clothes so they can enjoy the activities. Flip flops and open toed sandals should not be worn to school.  Gym shoes must be worn on P.E days. Please dress for the weather and remember to place names on boots which we will be placing in the hall.  It is also smart to label your childs materials and clothing such as backpacks, lunch boxes, coats, hats and gloves.  Please practice zipping, buttoning, and being responsible for belongings.  Wearing shoes (such as Velcro instead of tie) and clothing that your child can deal with independently is helpful.




Physical exercise helps the brain and body be energized for academic learning.  Along with P.E class and recess, we will be taking many exercise breaks in the classroom or outside.  This might consist of a Brain Walk around the school.


Field Trips

Our classes will go on a few field trips this year.  We will let you know about them in advance and ask for parent volunteers as appropriate for that activity.  If there is a great deal of interest, we will take turns with volunteer help.  Criminal background checks must be done for any volunteer going with us on a trip.  In the spring, all Second graders will be going on a trip to the zoo.


Green Card

Please complete and return to school as soon as possible. A new card is needed each year so if you filled one out for First Grade a new one is still needed for Second Grade.



Your child's homework will be outlined in the weekly newsletter.  They will consistently have math homework 3-4 nights per week. Please have students return their homework each day.  There will be a tub for students to place their homework in.  Please make sure their name is on each page. Students are expected to read 20-30 minutes each night. The Newsletter will be sent home on Fridays and will list Math Homework.  The Math Homework and Remembering book will be sent home at the beginning of the year.  Each night remove the assigned pages, complete and return to school the following day.  PLEASE DO NOT WORK AHEAD.



Your child will bring home a new library book or two each week.  They may bring back the book any day the following week but it must be returned by our designated library time for your child to check out a new book.



Students have lunch in the gym each day at...  Adults are present to supervise and assist as needed.  Please make sure that you pack a healthy lunch and the amount is one they will consume at one sitting.  Also see attached lunch form.



Mystery Readers:  Please try to plan a day and time during the school year to come in and read one of your favorite children’s books .  Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles…are welcome too!  The perfect time for our “Mystery Readers” is during the week that your child is the “Star Leader”.  The Star Leader calendar will be added to the website.



Students will attend Music class twice a week and have specific curriculum which develops growth in this area.



We will have special activities in our classroom during the year.  They will consist of specific learning activities in a workshop format that focuses on the theme or holiday.  Room parents will be asked to plan and organize the parties.  They will take place over a specific time frame.  Parents can also help by bringing in items for events. If you are interested in being a Room Parent please indicate it on the Volunteer form and/or email me J



Students will have physical education twice a week.  They should wear their tennis shoes on those days.



Please feel free to ask any questions.  You can contact teachers by phone at 248-684-8020 or by e-mailMrs. Denny-

Report Cards. 

At the end of each card marking, your childs report card will be available online.  If you need a hard copy sent home please contact the office in the Fall.




Reading at home is very important in First Grade.  We recommend at least 20 minutes per night.  Reading to your child is important too, listening to good readers makes us better readers. 



Make sure your child gets adequate sleep each night before school so he/she is ready for the day ahead. 




Students will bring in two personal snacks from home for the morning and afternoon. To save valuable teaching time I ask that students place their snack in a separate bag labeled with their name on the snack/lunch shelf first thing in the morning.  This eliminates trips to the hallway during our morning learning time. Please make the snack as nutritious possible.  Please do not send juice drinks for a snack.  We have a drinking fountain available in the classroom water bottles are encouraged, research shows that we are at our best when hydrated. Students may keep their water bottles at their table.  





Art:  Once a week

Music; Twice a week

P.E: Twice a week

Library and Computer Lab will be announced at a later date. 


Star Leader:  Each Second Grade student will have the opportunity to be the “Star Leader” They will share a poster on Monday, have a Show and Tell on Thursday and a Mystery Reader on Friday (days are flexible.  The website will have the schedule for the year.



Take Home Folders

Children will receive a school-to-home folder ( red Johnson Folder).  All correspondence from school will be placed in the folder.  FOLDERS MUST BE RETURNED TO SCHOOL by the following Friday.  If you have any notes for us or the office, please put them in the folder for your child to bring to school. 


Children are asked to not bring in toys from home.  They are personal possessions and are not for group use.   Please remind your child that they will be able to use the toy when they return home later that day. 


Volunteers:  Due to the Pandemic vounteers will not be used at the beginning of this school year. 


Parents are important to our classroom environment.  We love volunteers! We will be sending home a parent volunteer schedule at the beginning of each month.  A parent may be asked to volunteer for the morning, the afternoon or special projects.  We first need to wait until students are comfortable with our class routine, so parents will not be asked to volunteer until sometime in October.  Please fill out the attached volunteer form and return it to me. Thank you for your support.  All volunteers will need to fill out a Criminal Background Check and sign in at the office. I would like one parent volunteer to start as soon as possible on Monday mornings for approximately one hour to prepare take home folders for the week. If you are able to help with this please email me or indicate you are available on the volunteer sheet included in this packet.


Website:  We have a classroom website, please visit our website for school news and updates.



Each morning your child will participate in writers workshop and readers workshop.  In these workshops, students will be working at their own ability level and we will be individually conferring with students and working with small groups of children.


WIN:  What I Need.  Students who need additional small group experiences may be working with a trained Para Professional or our Literacy Coach.  During this time students will have time to independently practice reading and writing skills previously introduced. 


Wish List

If you would like to make a donation to our classroom, these are items that would be useful, but not required:  box of tissues, highlighters, post it notes, zip-lock baggies of all sizes, paper towel, Flare Pens for writers workshop (just ask us), Velcro, extra disinfectant wipes or hand soap, paper plates and napkins.  We will ask for other items throughout the year like cereal boxes, etc.


X-Tra Special:  This year is extra special and we hope it brings some normalcy to our year in Second Grade.




You Matter:  Please contact me if there are any concerns.  I am flexible and can work with parents and students if there are any concerns or questions.