HVS Technology Resources


The Technology Sign in cards for Think Central and Moby Max are for students to use for practice and enrichment.

This is a GREAT Rescource for ALL Students. If you have trouble signing in, PLEASE let me know.  nancy.denny@hvs.org


Once your student signs in you will see books on a shelf-click the books to go to the different choices.  Students take a "pre-test" to find their level in each area. Students will then be given activities at their individual level.






 Fact Fluency


 Reading Level Assessment

 Reading Stories

 Reading Skills Literature

 Reading Skills Informational



 Spelling List

 Writing Workshop

 Writing Assignments


 Social Studies

 Test Prep

 Phonics and Spelling Rules


 Phonics Sounds

 Phonics Blending

 Phonics Spelling

 Foundational Reading

 Early Reading Trio

 Sight Word



Think Central:  A copy of our Second Grade Math Journal is on the website. Go to MY LIBRARY for the Mega Math Games.


This week we used Numberopolis Carnival Stories-N


Country Countdown Counting Critters-Q



My library