Mrs. Herrman Grade 1


I hope you had a wonderful summer full of fun times and happy memories. My name is Mrs. Herrman and I have the pleasure of being your child’s teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. I am very pleased to have the opportunity and look forward to working with you and your child to help him or her achieve his full potential. we have an exciting year ahead of us. I have outline some things will help you out to get around the site. I hope it answers any questions you may have. We are temporarily being in 108 while our classroom under construction, from bee hive over the summer.


Parent/Teacher Relationship  

through the school I will communicate your child’s progress to you either through your child communication folder, telephone calls , newsletters , report cards and conference.   Feel please to write me a note or call me at school 520-555-9090. I will return your call as soon as possible



school attendance

 Your child reuglar and prompt attendance at school is critical for success. If your child going be absent from school, please inform the school office or place a note in his/her communication folder.

School surpilies


  1. communication folder
  2. pen/ pencil
  3. crayons

classroom surplies

  • .

outdoors recess

please have your child dress for th weather . Helpkeep in mind helping your child select colthing for the day. On hot days we are inside in the gym. They go out side 3 times in the day when the child goes outside for recess. (11:15-11:30, 1:05-1:45, and 3:00- 3:30)she or he can have a water bottle for water which can be refilled at our refilling station.


Homework/ enrichment

Work that not completed with in resonable amount of tiem during the school day may be sent home for homework ,besides this homework list below. Please read with your child every night. I will be sending home a list. There will bw focus on high frenquency words .

this will also be in the communtication folder.

Rules / conqences / reward system

Classsroom Rules

1. Listen Bodies ,I will listen and follow directions.

2. Raise Hands I will raise my hands to share ideas.

3. Quiet mouths I will use a soft voice

4. walking feet. I will walk in school safe.

5. Helping hands and caring hearts  I will use my hands for helping and not hurting. I will also use kind work.




Time out on bench


Reminder to parents

Please check your child's backpack and communication folder for everyday  for notes.

Please send the exact amount of money for an event in a labeled envelop or ziplock bag.

changes in transportation


if you plan to pick up your child who normally takes the bus or change plans, you must send a note or inform the office. If notification of change is not received, your child will have sent home by his/ her usual method of transportation.

Thanks you in adavance for your support. It a team effort. Let's have a wonderful year.