Spelling Words

Spelling and Vocabulary Words

Week of March 28-April 1


These are the spelling words and their definitions.  For the test on Friday, students must be able to spell the word and match the word to its correct definition.  These are the vocabulary words from math, language arts, science, and social studies this week.
  1. adverb – tells more about a verb; usually ends in -ly
  2. boomtown – a town whose population grows very quickly
  3. convert – to change into another form
  4. degree – a unit of measure for angles based on dividing a circle in 360 equal parts
  5. demand – how much of a product consumers will buy at different prices
  6. negative – a word that means “no”
  7. possessive pronoun – takes the place of one or more possessive nouns
  8. supply – how much of a product producers will make at different prices
  9. symmetry – a line drawn through a figure so that the figure is divided into two equal parts that       look exactly alike but are facing in opposite directions
  10. textile – cloth or fabric
(11-15 this week are words are NOT words they will match for the test; however, the      students will need to know them in context so we've included the definitions)   11.  their – possessive pronoun; something belonging to ‘they’ or ‘them’

   12.  there – a location

   13.  they’re – contraction for ‘they are’   14.  it’s – contraction for ‘it is’   15.  its – possessive form of it

Retakes of all spelling tests will take place on Thursdays during study hall.