Chapter 5: Pronouns and Antecedents

  • Pronouns 

Chapter 5

Pronouns and Antecedents

Words to Know

pronoun:  a word that takes the place of one or more nouns

personal pronoun:  a pronoun that identifies the speaker, the person spoken to, or the person or thing spoken about

antecedent:  the noun or nouns that the pronoun refers to or stands for

reflexive pronoun:  a pronoun that refers to a noun or pronoun already named

possessive pronoun:  a pronoun that shows ownership or relationship

indefinite pronoun:  a pronoun that does not replace a particular noun; the antecedent often is not known 


  • Identify personal pronouns and their antecedents.
  • Use reflexive pronouns.
  • Use posessive pronouns.
  • Use indefinite pronouns.
  • Write sentences using pronouns and antecedents.
  •  Apply knowledge of pronouns and antecedents to a thank-you note and a biography.