5- 2 Reflexive Pronouns

A reflexive pronoun refers back to a noun or pronoun already named. Reflexive pronouns end in -self or -selves.

A reflexive pronoun is used in one of two ways in a sentence. It adds new information, or it gives extra importance to the word it refers to.

Robert washed the dishes himself. (new information)

Robert himself washed the dishes. (extra importance)

We went to the town council meeting ourselves. (new information)

We ourselves went to the town council meeting. (Extra importance)

Practice A

Write the reflexive pronoun in each sentence. The first one is done for you.

1.  Rosalie knitted that sweater herself. herself

2. Carlos said that he needed to be by himself.

3. Did you make the decorations yourselves?

4. they seldom do anything for themselves.

5. She herself drove the truck.

6. Rueben completed the job himself.

7. We cleaned up the park ourselves.

8. I painted the house by myself.

9.  I cannot believe you built that deck yourself!

10. Did Jack leave by himself?

11. The snack itself was enough for a meal.

12. Perry himself needed to talk to her.

13. Are you doing all the work yourself?