Accelerated Reading (AR) Program


Dear Parents,

This year our school will begin using the Accelerated Reader (AR) program.  AR is a reading program that encourages and motivates students to read books at school and home and earn points by taking computerized comprehension tests at school.  The goal is to help students gain a love for reading by choosing a "just right" book that they can read independently.  

There are hundreds of books to choose from, however not every book is in the AR system. When choosing books from home or the library, please check online at to determine if the book is in the AR system.  Your child (may read any grade-level book), but will not be able to take tests for books that are not in the system. Here's a link to AR 3rd Grade level books which includes the title, quiz number, and point value.  Click below: Book List 3rd Grade 1.pdf

Once the program is started,  each student will be tested to determine his or her reading level, and point goals will be set based on their test results.  Your child’s book level and point goal for the semester will be sent via email, and also located in their R.A.N.G.E.R.S. Binder. 

At least once per week, each student is expected to read a book at home and school, and then take an AR test during our class D.E.A.R time.  Students may also take AR tests as a "may do" activity if all other class assignments are done.  AR tests may only be taken at school.  

All students who reach their point goal by the end of the semester will earn special prizes.  At the end of the school year, students who have reached their point goals for both semesters will receive acknowledgment and a special award certificate. 

  Please Click the attached AR Program Parent Guide and/or Parent Letter for more info. Guide To Accelerated Reader.pdf (Autosaved).pdf



3rd Grade Book List-


Additional Grade Level Book List

Grade 2 Book List Level 2.pdf

Grade 4 Book List Level 4.pdf

Grade 5 Book List Level 5.pdf

Grade 6 Book List Level 6.pdf



Have fun reading!