ART & MUSIC Sessions

3rd Grade Art & Music

Parent Information Letter 


Dear 3rd Grade Blue Track Parents,


Next semester, we will be adding Art & Music to our “Fun Friday” activities. During our music sessions, Mrs. Brown will be teaching students how to play the recorder using a program called Recorder Karate. Students will learn to play songs and earn colorful belts to hang from their instruments to show their progress. 

  • Donations for the recorder, neck strap, and a song booklet is $10
  • Donations are due to by 1/13/2020 

Please fill out the order form attached to this letter and the exact cash amount for your child’s recorder should be placed in the enveloped and sealed. Submitted payment envelopes will be taken directly to our finance department each morning and a receipt will be sent home for your records. Please let us know if you are unable to purchase the recorder. We are happy to help. 


Art sessions will be taught by Ms. Cosio. Below is a list of supplies that each student should bring in by TBD to create all the wonderful projects. Place items in a Ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name:  *(Most students have these items in class, so please purchase only what’s needed).

  • *crayons                                                                                     
  • *colored pencils                                                                            
  • *scissors
  • *oil pastels
  • *black sharpie                                                                                   
  • *watercolors 

Over the years, these enrichment classes have been very rewarding and exciting for students. Sessions will be held on Friday’s 12-12: 45 pm and 1-1: 45 pm; not including minimum days. Our expectation is for every student to participate, so please encourage your child to show great character and work habits each day. 

At the end of the year, we will host an Art & Music Showcase where students will have a recorder concert and display their favorite art pieces. Students who have frequent absences, do not practice songs at home, or poor behavior may not participate. 



3rd Grade Teachers





Recorder Order Due by TBD

Date Pymt Received:_____________



Amount Enclosed $______ (Cash only)