Class Information

Getting Started
During the first weeks of school, we will be establishing classroom routines and building a classroom community that will allow for an exciting and productive year together. To help get us started I have outlined some important information for this school year including an overview of subject matter, homework, and our discipline procedures.

Subject Matter
This year will be an awesome learning adventure for your third grader. Establishing independent work habits, academic stamina, note-taking skills, critical thinking, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, detailed written expression, mathematical practices, oral communication, STEM activities, technology-based learning, and character building.


Homework Policy

Student's Daily Home Assignments consist of:

1. Read/ Summary (1-3 sentences)
Math Practice 

3. Spelling & Vocabulary Practice (as needed for weekly assessments)

*Additional “At Home” Academic Activities that require more than class time to complete may be assigned throughout the year.  Extra practice will also be strongly encouraged for any student earning unsatisfactory grades on classwork and assessments. These assignments include:

  •  Unfinished classwork (as needed)
  • Eat it Map
  • Multiplication Mastery (as needed)
  • Book projects (start 2nd semester)
  •  Recorder Practice (start 2nd semester)

Check our class webpage for more Enrichment/Extra Practice activities for students to work on to improve their proficiency in any academic subject area needed. 


Weekly Friday Folders
At the end of each week, FRIDAY FOLDERS will be sent home. This Folder will contain a weekly behavior chart, graded assessments, and class information. Please review and initial (at the top of the page) only the graded assessments contained in this folder and return to school by Tuesday of each week. Graded assessments placed in this folder will be filed in your child's portfolio and returned at the end of the year.  School Mail sent home in this folder is yours to keep. 

R.A.N.G.E.R. (Responsibly and Neatly Getting Everything Ready for School) Binder
The R.A.N.G.E.R Binder is used as an organizational system to keep communication flowing between home and school.  It will include a school calendar, class list, lunch menu, spelling word list, Accelerated Reading log sheet, and other classroom resources.



Tutoring will be available on an as-needed basis. Students who fall below 70% in their overall grade in any subject area will be invited to participate in tutoring after school. Students who earn unsatisfactory scores on weekly academic assessments may also be invited for tutoring to review and/or retake a tests.  

Only students who need extra support are welcomed to attend. Our class tutoring sessions are not designed as a homework club, but to focus on specific skills and concepts where mastery is needed.  Extra practice should be completed at home with parental guidance.

If your child needs tutoring, an invitation will be sent home for you to sign. You may also email a request for tutoring if your child needs support. Tutoring date/time is TBD.  Students will be sent to the front of the school after tutoring, so please arrive promptly for pick-up.


Practice Make Progress Club

Once a week I will open my classroom to any student who wants to finish up work, complete AR Quizzes, or get extra practice on Chromebook activities. No invitation is needed, however, parent permission must be granted. 

Student Accountability
Another way to keep our classroom environment running smoothly is by implementing classroom rules. Rules are vital to a successful learning environment. The following rules and discipline plan will be followed by each student:

Cool Rules
C- Care about your school work and always try!
O- Obey the quiet rule and zip your lips tight!
O- Only speak what is kind, use your hands for peace!
L- Listen and follow directions so you can succeed!


Stay COOL (blue) - is the goal for all students each day.

  • 2nd warning Warm (green) - Warning
  • 3rd warning Hot (red) - Loss of lunch recess and parent note to be signed
  • Additional consequences: detention, parent conference, or meeting with the principal 

Positive Reinforcement
Positive reinforcement is equally important. Your child will experience praise, public acknowledgment of accomplishments, stickers, "cool tool" prizes,  Brag Tags, and other rewards.

I anticipate a great year together and hope to meet you at our Back to School Night.

If you have any concerns, question, or suggestions before we formally meet please contact me at I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Again, I am truly looking forward to being your child's third-grade teacher. This is going to be a wonderful year!