School Assignments will be graded for completion and accuracy. Completion marks will consist of checkmarks, plus signs, happy faces, or stickers.  Test, quizzes, projects, and specific assignments may be graded with percentages, rubrics, skills development points (3,2,1)or letter grades (i.e. A, B, C, D, F)

Report Card markings include Achievement Scores of O, S, N, U) and Standard-Based Number Scoring represented by a 3,2,1, or /.


Overall Achievement Grade
O= Outstanding

S= Satisfactory

N= Needs Improvement

U= Unsatisfactory


Standard Based Number Scoring

3 = Consistently demonstrates skill
2 = Skill acquisition is progress

1 = Skill area needs improvement
/ = Skill not introduced or assessed during the grading period

Communicating Student Progress
Behavior Charts will be sent out in your child's "FRIDAY FOLDER" at the end of the week to keep you posted on your child's daily habits in class, along with any graded assignments and assessments to be signed and sent back. Progress reports will also be sent home every 6 weeks to keep you posted on your child's academic achievements. Friday Folders will be sent out starting the second or third week of school. The first progress report will be sent home by the end of October.

Your child's grades will be weighted as follows:

Test/Projects 40%
Class Work 30%
Quizzes 20%

Homework 10%