Mrs. Brown's 3rd Grade Class Webpage

Welcome 3rd Grade Families!



Welcome to our class webpage!  Here you will find useful information and resources as we journey through this year together.  

(Content to our webpage will be updated as needed).


How to stay informed:


  1. Monday Mail- a weekly email will be sent out each Monday (afterschool) to keep you informed about our academic schedule and other school announcements. 
  2. Friday Folders- at the end of each week FRIDAY FOLDERS will be sent home. This Folder will contain a weekly behavior chart and graded assessments. Please review and initial (at the top of the page) only the graded assessments contained in this folder and return it to school by Tuesday of each week. Graded assessments placed in this folder will be filed in your child's portfolio and returned at the end of the year.  
  3. SRA School Website- visit our school website for updated news and information
  4. Monthly Parent Updates are sent by the office.

I am always available for any questions, comments, or concerns.

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