Supply List



Student Supply List 2019


 Binder Supplies

 1 1/2 inch Binder with a clear front pocket for inserts (Recommended: Better Binder brand from Staples.)

Zipper Pouch- load with extra pencils and supplies for homework.  (It's already provided if you purchase the Better Binder)

10 Sheet Protectors
2 Folders with 3-holes  (Label: Mail Folder/ Work Folder) 

1 Composiiton book (it will tuck in the pocket provided in the Better Binder)

Add wide rule lined paper (25 sheets) in the back.

*(All items should be labeled and loaded in the binder as listed)


Writing Supplies

1 Quart size ZipLoc Plastic Bag

Highlighters ( 1 yellow,  1 green, 1 pink)

Pens (1 Blue, 1 Red, 1 Black)

5 sharpened Ticonderoga  Brand Pencils 

1 Eraser 

1 pack Post It- sticky notes (3in x 3in)

*(All items should be labeled and loaded in the zipper pouch)


Desk Supplies

2 Black Expo Markers (thin size only)

1 Scissors

1 24 pack of Crayola Crayons (recommended best quality)

1 wooden ruler (inches and centimeters)

2 packs of Ticonderoga Brand Pencils (12 count each)

1 jumbo glue stick

1 pack Post It- sticky notes (3in x 3in)

1 pencil sharpener with a closed lid to hold shavings

2 packs of index cards

1 red pen

1 white dry erase board and small eraser (optional- Used ones available)

*(All items should be labeled.  Most items will be stored in our table supply bins)


Art Box

1 plastic supply container (normal)

Crayola Watercolor paint set

Washable Markers (optional)

Colored Pencils (optional)

*(All items should be labeled and loaded in the container)


Technology Supplies


(All items stored in a sturdy Ziploc Bag labeled with your child's name)



1 container of Clorox or Wet Wipes

1 Box of facial tissue


*Class Community Supplies Donations (Optional)

Donations are greatly appreciated and will be used  by all students in our classroom.  Thanks in advance for your generosity. 



White Copy Paper

Wide-rule lined paper

Ziploc Bags (sandwich/quart/gallon)

Smarties candy

DumDum lollipops

Small treasure box rewards

Ticonderoga Brand Pencils  

Pencil topper erasers

EXPO Markers (thick for teacher; thin (for students)

Red/Blue/Black Pens

Sheet Protectors

Post It Sticky Notes


Index Cards